Aerial Dance & Movement Arts Workshops

Aerial Silks Workshop

DATES:  April 2 – 9, 2016

Jumpstart your spring activities this season with us for our second annual Aerial Dance & Movement Arts Workshops with AnikolovArts. There are three workshops available to our guests.

1. Aerial Silks Workshop

PRICE:  $295 for a 5 day workshop (does not include meals, accommodations, or any yoga packages)

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Alexandra Nikolova

AVAILABLY:  Limited to 9 beginner and 9 advanced/intermediate students.

FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: Relatively good health and fitness. No previous experience is required, but activities such as yoga and other strength-building exercises are helpful for easier transition into the air. This workshop is open to the beginner through advanced level practitioner. You do not need to be an aerialist to attend.

Classes will be split into two groups based on your skill level. During the week you will learn the fundamental and advanced wraps, drops, and movements of this beautiful art form. You will focus on executing maneuvers with precision and fluidity as well as exploring a variety of dynamic acrobatic exercises to enhance strength and conditioning of the body. This workshop will also provide the aerialist with improved technique and control of aerial maneuvers, will deepen your understanding on proper form for injury prevention and restoration, and challenge you to transform mere tricks into an expression of your artistic voice and story telling through the use of creative movement exercises. Int/adv classes will also focus on the exploration of aerial improv.

No prior experience is necessary. Just bring your curiosity, an open mind to learn something new, and prepare to unleash your creative potential! Additional private instruction is also available upon request to fulfill any other individual needs. Private instruction must be booked prior to your arrival.

Whether you are looking to invite new hobbies into your life or you would like to further your knowledge and refine your skills in the air, this retreat will accommodate you.

Alex in Silks at Anamaya Resort

2. Intro to Poi Workshop

PRICE:  $40 per person (per workshop) for 2 days


AVAILABLY:  Minimum of 4, maximum of 10 students

FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: Relatively good health and fitness. No previous experience is required, but activities such as yoga and other strength-building exercises are helpful for shoulder and arm endurance when dancing with the poi. This introductory workshop is open to all beginners. 

Join us to learn the ancient dance of the Maori tribe with an added modern twist! Poi is a unique form of dance and object manipulation in which you swing tethered weights around your body in rhythmic and geometric patterns. In this fun workshop you will become familiar with the foundational and beginner level movements of poi- Learn how to maintain correct planes, how to execute forward & backward weaves, butterfly patterns, and much more.

This 2-day introductory workshop is open to the novice level student.  Prior experience is not necessary to participate. Instruction may be given in Spanish if requested. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as their left and right brain synchronicity! The class setting will be relaxed, supportive, and lively. Classes will run 90 minutes in length beginning with a light group warm-up for the arms, shoulders, and chest.

Students may choose to participate in one or both days of this workshop, however, we encourage everyone to commit to the full workshop as the second day will be focused on building in our poi vocabulary and our fluidity of movement.

Spaces are limited to: minimum of 4 students, maximum of 10.

3. Intro to Corde Lisse (aerial rope)

PRICE:  $50 per person – open to int/adv students ONLY for 1 day

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Alexandra Nikolova

AVAILABLY:  Minimum of 4, maximum of 6 students

FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: This workshop is appropriate for aerialists of the intermediate or advanced level only.  Must be able to execute double star drops with ease, be familiar with side beats, and be able to invert multiple times from a straight arm hang.

In this 2-hour aerial rope workshop, we will focus on how momentum training can take our aerial practice to the next level through the use of dynamic movement. We will explore beat techniques, open catch moves, front and back balances, and the various toe climbs most commonly seen in corde lisse.

Class will begin with a light warm-up of strength and conditioning exercises to open the shoulders and prepare the body for each of these techniques.

Alexandra Nikolova

Alexandra Nikolova

Alexandra Nikolova is an internationally acclaimed aerialist and movement artist based out of Fort Collins, CO, and is the owner/founder of AnikolovArts. Her training in circus and aerial acrobatics began in 2009 with concentrations in aerial silks, hammock, rope, straps, and fire dancing. She has performed both nationally and internationally alongside various artists and circus troupes such as Elephant Revival, Nahko and Medicine for the People, The Polish Ambassador, Fractal Tribe, and more.

In 2010 Alex made her first visit to Montezuma, CR where she instantly fell in love with the exotic scenery and artistic culture. Over the last 5 years she has made Montezuma her second home with regular seasonal visits each year. It is here where she began her company in 2011 to provide aerial dance instruction to both adults and children in her hometown as well as during her global travels.

Alex remains to be one of the primary seasonal aerial instructors and performers at Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center, and is excited to return for her second retreat with them this spring.

A Message From Alex

Artist Website:

Artistic Works:


“A World’s Apart” 

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Eli Monte Zuma

Poi with Eli Monte Zuma copy

Eli Ocampo, better known as Eli Monte Zuma, is a Costa Rican native from Alajuela city. He began his performance career at a young age when his parents enrolled him in dance and theater classes. He then spent several years augmenting his skills and talents studying martial arts, juggling and mastering the unicycle. After years of hard work and training, Eli’s skills crossed over to the fire arts when he joined the Costa Rican performance troupe Fuego Tribal. The group criss-crossed Costa Rica several times over, stunning crowds with their high energy shows using poi, clubs, staff, devil sticks and other eye-catching toys. Eli’s desire to reinvent and create new movements exudes in his unique and original style. This got him featured in Costa Rica’s largest music festival event of the year, Envision, with the performance troupes Pyrodanza and Fractal Tribe. Today, you can find Eli burning up the streets of Montezuma with his weekly town fire shows or at La Escuela Del Sol, where he is the poi instructor for the locals and tourists of town.

Artist Websites:

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