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Detoxify Naturally Through Yoga
June 7th, 2012 by Angela Gonzalez
Plough Pose for DetoxIllnesses and diseases surround us every day. A normal reaction or tendency is to defend ourselves from the outside. Certainly keeping our bodies clean externally can protect us from these sicknesses. But what if the problem is inside our bodies? Toxin buildup is one of the major causes of hard to cure illness like cancer, liver disease, obesity etc. Nowadays... [read more]

My very own Top 10 Most Common Yoga Poses
June 6th, 2012 by Angela Gonzalez
As a yoga instructor I am always asked this question. “What are the top 10 top most yoga poses?” It is very difficult to put together this list if you really analyze all of the poses. I believe that all yoga poses have their own unique benefits and are all valuable. Let’s narrow this down to my top 10 most... [read more]

Health Benefits of Yoga – What it means to be “healthy”
June 5th, 2012 by Angela Gonzalez
A lot has been said and written about the greatness of yoga and its impact on our health.  Researches and tests were performed, backed up with real life testimonies to prove that with proper and regular practice of yoga can be beneficial to our health. We can easily get inspired just by hearing about experiences for other people who have... [read more]

Yoga Glossary – Most important yoga vocabulary words
June 4th, 2012 by Angela Gonzalez
Yoga is one of the few practices that can actually have influence your ways in life. Even as a novice in yoga, you will immediately fall in love with the movements and the benefits of the practice. You begin to notice changes in the way you move, what you eat and eventually the words you use. One of the fascinating... [read more]