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Curu National Park and Beach
September 23rd, 2013 by Anamaya Resort
Playa Curu and National Park A Tropical Cattle Ranch Turned Into a National Wildlife Refuge Curu National Wildlife Refuge is situated on the southern Pacific Coast of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. The refuge park is famous for its thriving and fantastic flora and fauna, and also includes a cluster of splendid white-sand beaches. Nestled near the town of Curu, west from the road of Paquera,... [read more]

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve – Costa Rica’s First National Park
September 23rd, 2013 by Anamaya Resort
Cabo Blanco National Park Map Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve has the distinction of being the first protected park area in Costa Rica when it was established in 1963. The park is renowned for the white cape, a group of rocks located at the southern tip of the reserve that serves as a habitat for a plethora of rare and interesting bird species. The two beaches... [read more]