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Ananda Yoga Teacher Training
March 22nd, 2012 by tanja
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training We need to be able to go beyond the physical portion of the exercise and dive into the deeper areas of yoga. It is a life changing experience for everyone that practices yoga. As you experience Ananda unique focus to working in unison with your body and its energies for spiritual growth and wellness on all levels you will wake... [read more]

Ananda Yoga Practice
March 21st, 2012 by tanja
Ananda Yoga Practice Ananda Yoga is a technique that was founded by Swami Kriyananda. Our highest inner happiness is referred to as Ananda, which in Sanskrit means bliss. Ananda does not come from an outer source but is inside each of us. Many are looking to become yoga certified and find a yoga teacher training program that will help them achieve a stronger practice... [read more]

Jivamukti Yoga Benefits
March 20th, 2012 by tanja
Jivamukti Yoga Benefits The demand for Jivamukti yoga is growing as people are beginning to feel the magic it holds. Yoga teacher training is bringing more opportunities to your door to be part of this growing method of yoga. Jivamukti yoga is powerful and collects energy and power for the purpose of health. (more…)

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training
March 16th, 2012 by tanja
Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training Jivamukti Yoga was developed by Sharon Gannon and David Life in 1968 with a contemporary yoga approach to living in the world today. The method follows the ancient scriptures and ethical ideals of yoga. The word Jivamukti is a Sanskrit word that mean living liberated. It is a yoga practice that views how spiritual values can help you work through... [read more]

Jivamukti Yoga Practice
March 15th, 2012 by tanja
Jivamukti Yoga Practice Jivamukti yoga is one of the nine internationally known styles of Hatha yoga. The name Jivamukti refers to liberation while living. This meaning is pulled from the Sanskrit term Jivamukti which means the state of enlightenment or God realization. The part Jiva refers to individual soul and Mukti mean liberation. Yoga teacher training will teach you all about this method.... [read more]

Vinyasa Krama Yoga Benefits
March 14th, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Krama Yoga Benefits Vinyasa Krama yoga is a style that was developed by the great yogi Sri t. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. This style is one of the more popular with yoga teacher training programs because while it moves with flowing motion it is also a mind calming practice. Sir T. Krishnamacharya has taught many yogis that have been responsible for... [read more]

Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher Training
March 12th, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher Training As yoga teachers we need to make sure that our goal is about helping our students achieve balance in their own lives: mentally, physically and spiritually. They will achieve this by the use of pranayama, asanas, and meditation practice. This is a lot to be responsible for but it can be achieved by participating in a week long Vinyasa Krama... [read more]

Vinyasa Krama Yoga
March 9th, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Krama yoga Vinyasa Krama yoga is the style of yoga that is practiced and taught by the Indian Yoga master, Sri R. Krishnamacharya. This style of yoga is the art and science of take the elements of yoga into a sequence where they are effective and create a safe practice. Yoga teacher training knows how to take the application of yoga methods... [read more]

Vinyasa Flow Benefits
March 8th, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Flow Benefits Yoga dates back to more than 5000 years and is an ancient Indian discipline. Yoga uses both breathing techniques and physical movement and exercise to help you achieve a physical and mental well-being. One of the several branches of yoga is Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga teacher training takes this style and helps you master your skills. Vinyasa flow yoga means in... [read more]

Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training
March 5th, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Yoga teachers are always looking for a way to dive deeper into themselves and to become better, more compassionate, teachers. Some of us are looking for more. Maybe a piece of us is nagging at the core wanting to take our love of yoga to another level. If you think you have the stuff that it takes to go through... [read more]

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice
March 2nd, 2012 by tanja
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice Vinyasa is a broad range term of yoga classes. Yoga teacher training instructs this style with moving from one pose into the next through an inhale or exhale. This type of technique is referred to as Vinyasa Flow because of the smooth movement of poses that run together and become a type of dance. Vinyasa Flow yoga is probably the... [read more]

Tantra Yoga Benefits
March 1st, 2012 by tanja
Tantra Yoga Benefits If you love yoga then you know that there are many different styles of yoga and yoga teacher training that you can participate in. Tantra yoga is commonly misunderstood these days and the belief is that you need to have a partner in order to participate in this style and that is false. You only need yourself and some loose... [read more]