Vinyasa Flow & Hang Music with Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan -

Vinyasa Flow & Hang Music with Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan

March 27th, 2013 by Kelsey

Costa Rica Yoga - Photo by Carla Montevecchi

Celebrating Stillness: Join Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan on Jan 3-10, 2015

Price: Anamaya Retreat Base Rates + $275  (please note that this is the only yoga package being offered this week)

Yoga Hang Music One of the most precious gifts you can give yourself is the gift of stillness. Moments of simply breathing, whether alone or together, to just sit quiet and watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean, take in the fragrance of a tropical ylang ylang flower or listen to the sounds of the monkeys and birds…how often do you make time for stillness?

The aim of our vinyasa flow yoga retreat is not only to strengthen you physically, but also to bring you closer to your self, to a place where you are comfortable with stillness and refine your ability to listen more.  You will deepen your practice this week as you learn to surrender more into your breathing. We will create more space in your body, leaving you feeling more spacious in your mind. You will explore new ways of nourishment on and off the mat.

hangpromo3 Music is magic. It beautifully enhances our emotions and brings balance and harmony to our bodies, it also helps us to surrender and soften into the flow of life. The Hang is a very magical instrument, it is handmade in Switzerland and often used for sound healing. In this magical retreat we will enhance your practice with the melodies of the Hang to give you a deeper experience of your self. Mornings will be a more dynamic vinyasa and sunset sessions slow flow with Hang music.

This Package Includes:

  • 10 Yoga Classes: 75 minutes in the morning (without hang music) & 90 minutes in the evening with hang music
  • One 1 hour Relaxation Massage
  • One 1 hour Cooking Class
  • A Tour of Anamaya’s Farm
  • Beach & Bonfire Excursion
  • Rio Lajas Hike with Daniel
  • Circus Performance

About Dagmar:

Dagmar Spremberg is a 500 E-RYT and the founder and director of Montezuma Yoga. She has been studying for many years with teachers like Elena Brower, John Friend, Paula Tursi and is well known for her videos on youtube, that have already over 500.000 views.

In her vinyasa flow classes she emphasizes on the art of connecting breath and movement into a meditative flow, giving you a chance to soften and surrender while strengthening and deepening your practice. Since 2010 Dagmar and her partner Gaudan have created their unique Vinyasa Flow & Hang music classes & retreats and travel worldwide to teach when not in their local home Montezuma.

A Message from Dagmar:

About Gaudan:

Gaudan is a well known artist and muralist who has been living in Costa Rica for over 20 years. Besides his love for organic gardening and art he fell in love with the Hang instrument and after quite an interesting journey to finally receive one, he now enjoys playing it not only in Dagmar’s yoga classes, but also for  “The Gaudan Project”, where he cooperates with other musicians and performance artists.

The following is a music video that goes with one of the songs on his latest album.

“The Gaudan Project is BRILLIANT!… will love this!” – Elena Brower, Virayoga NYC
hangpromo1 hangpromo2

Further Videos:

Vinyasa yoga & hang

Hang Music for Savasana


I loved the setting, the sounds of the animals, ocean, Dagmar’s gentle and trusting voice, and how comfortable I felt inside my own body. The evening classes with Daniel playing the hang, again brought me into a deeper state of relaxation and much deeper into my practice. It all was so dreamy. Before I came to do this week course with Daniel and Dagmar; I felt uninspired, tired, confused, exhausted mentally, bored, lost and a bit out of control in my mind. The week helped bring me into my body and out of my mind, feel energetic and inspired about life and myself, be comfortable with my energetic self, much more focused about my path and practice, and much more into the precious present moment. Mil gracias por todo! Les agradezco mucho y aprecio mucho todo. I am so happy and thankful that Dagmar and Daniel are a part of the web of life; you both are truly making a difference in the vibration of the planet and have made an impact in my heart! Until we meet again!” –  Mary Ann, Chile

Thank you so much Dagmar and Daniel for your special yoga classes during the retreat. I loved the hang music as it helped me to relax into the postures and Dagmar the yoga postures were so smooth ,flowing, challenging yet strengthening and relaxing and gentle as well. You both helped me feel stronger and more centered in myself. As I re enter the world tomorrow in NY I hope to use the tools you gave me to flow through life with more grace, ease, and internal strength. Please keep me posted on your future retreats. Namaste.” – Barbara Gordon, D.O.

You are by far, my most favorite yoga teacher. I never really liked yoga, and I have tried many times, until I took your class. I never could find an authentic genuine teacher, a real sincere “yogi” who was not only an excellent instructor as you are, but also one that gives to the class herself and the life philosophies at the core of true yoga practice and way of life, as you did. I loved the quotes you read, and the words of wisdom you gave to us before or at the end of class. And I loved the variety, you always had something new each class to teach as I do get bored with the same poses and flow every time, I loved that you encouraged different levels, that flow was combined with restorative poses,  and contrary to expectations, I enjoyed working with a partner at times; I was finding muscles to stretch and restorative poses I never knew existed. I loved that you called me and everyone else by first name, and gave soothing corrections with care. I loved the beauty, strength and grace of your own practice and presence. As a dancer by hobby and full time midwife, I maintain and develop my strength and flexibility with dance, and it is my moving meditation. I do my own sort restorative yoga for 10-20 minutes before bed, and meditate in the morning, always reading uplifting books to grow and develop. But your class gave me encouragement to look some more in my area for a class like yours. I have not found one yet, but will try.  It also inspired me to do more retreats, and hope one day to join you in Spain for one. My favorite of the two classes was the one you did at dusk, with Daniel playing the instrument by candlelight. That was pure beauty and delicious relaxation and meditation my body and soul craves, why I came to the retreat in the first pace. You an Daniel together are a real inspiration as well… So thank you so much for making the week at Anamaya real special,meaningful, restorative and healing , not just a trip to a beautiful resort with yoga classes, which I have done many times.” – Ann Margolis

By Kelsey

Kelsey, one of the founders and co-owner of Anamaya Resort, is also an actress, model, and mom, living in Toronto, Canada. More information about Kelsey and her projects can be found at