Creative Beings: Day 19

IMG_5084Yoga Teacher Training “business” has gone on as usual with a minor change…. perhaps major for us. We are all officially teaching class, adjusting and observing. You would not believe how beautifully our sisterhood has come together. As we each approached the front of the room with our hearts beating fast and palms sweating the class sent us peaceful and calming energy. It is lovely to look out into a room filled with the faces that have now become so familiar. Everyone is flashing a comforting smile. Each yogi has dialed into the yoga teacher in training’s cues and humbly moved through. The amount of support and helpful feedback is overwhelming. So much love in the room. So far every yogi has had their own unique style. We can hear the fundamentals that Banyan has bestowed and see their creative and innovative light shining through.

Speaking of creative, the Anamaya kitchen continues to blow our minds with their inventive meals. Everyday the staff writes out what yumminess they will be preparing. The words never measure up to the tastes! Amazing.


Its wonderful watching the energy and care they put into every detail of our meal. Thank goodness they are writing a cookbook as we speak.


Peace Love and Creatvity


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By Tiffany Savion

Tiffany Savion is an author & lifestyle enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with clients, teaching them to improve their overall health & happiness. Tiffany's free time is filled with playing beach volleyball, creating yummy recipes, learning to play guitar & piano and most importantly laughing & dancing as much as possible.