This Is Really Happening!- Day 13


Today Banyan told us the unthinkable… We each have to teach class and gift a few lucky souls a private yoga session. A few of our hearts may have stopped for a moment. The room started to fill with chatter. Of course we all knew the day was coming but it really sent home the fact that we are half way through yoga teacher training. The rest of the day our minds were wandering. “What am I going to do?” “I’m going to be soooo nervous.” “This is going to be EPIC.” ” I don’t think I am ready for this.” “Oh my goodness!! I’m becoming a yoga teacher?” The thoughts carried us all into our needed slumber.

Peace Love and AHHHHHHHH.

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By Tiffany Savion

Tiffany Savion is an author & lifestyle enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with clients, teaching them to improve their overall health & happiness. Tiffany's free time is filled with playing beach volleyball, creating yummy recipes, learning to play guitar & piano and most importantly laughing & dancing as much as possible.