Surprise- Day 14


Thank goodness the Anamaya yoga decks can handle all of this energy. It feels like it was built to hold space for each and every person that steps foot onto the grounds. Speaking of holding space for others; Banyan Banyan Banyan…. We just never know what we’re going to get with this Yoga Master. Just when we get all comfortable with our routine, he ever so gently reminds us that we have to join the dance of life. Things can change at any given moment. In life we will all be presented with the unexpected. In yoga we are learning to observe and take things in without judgment and to move fluently with each lesson. Namaste

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By Tiffany Savion

Tiffany Savion is an author & lifestyle enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with clients, teaching them to improve their overall health & happiness. Tiffany's free time is filled with playing beach volleyball, creating yummy recipes, learning to play guitar & piano and most importantly laughing & dancing as much as possible.