Sansa flights to Tambor Airport in Costa Rica

Fly Sansa to Tambor

Fly Sansa Airlines to Anamaya

Anamaya is able to offer our clients a special “Hotel Rate” for Sansa’s flights that is around 10% off the regular rate (only in high season) if you book it here. You will be flying from San Jose Airport (SJO) to Tambor (TMU), which is then a30-minute drive to Anamaya.

Instructions: Just click the two red links below.

Step 1: Click Here to SET the discount rate Then close this pop-up window.

Step 2: Click Here to BOOK your discount Sansa Flight. Use this pop-up window to book your flight.

Under “fair type” select “Nacional” for the discounted rate.


From the flight to Tambor


flying costa rica


Flying over San Jose

Flying over San Jose