Holiday Yoga Retreat -

Holiday Yoga Retreat

March 29th, 2013 by Kelsey

Holiday Retreat


Costa Rican Holiday Yoga Retreat

Date: December 21 – 28, 2013

Price: $445 **

**To be added on to Anamaya’s Base Rates 



Looking to escape the crowds at your local shopping centre? Maybe you need some much deserved rest and relaxation. Or perhaps you want to enhance your holiday experience by spending it in paradise. Whatever your reason may be, the benefits of traveling are endless so allow us help you create a unique and exciting holiday experience. Our Holiday and New Years yoga retreats are two of the most popular weeks of the year to stay at Anamaya. Come and join us in one of the happiest countries in the world – it’s the perfect way to end (or begin) another year.

Our Holiday Retreat is especially unique. See below for more information.



The Holiday Retreat Includes:

  • Up to 10 yoga classes
  • One 60 min relaxation massage
  • Surf lesson OR Zipline tour
  • Snorkeling Adventure
  • Salsa dance lesson
  • Cooking class
  • Beach and Bonfire excursion
  • Infrared sauna
  • Waterfall hike
  • Butterfly garden tour
  • Holiday Feast and Circus Performace

Please note that our packages offer flexibility so that you can spend your time relaxing, or you can fill your days with adventure…or perhaps a little bit of both. The most important aspect is that you have a vacation that you will never forget.

Our Guest Yoga Teacher Becky Siden

becky sidenWe are very excited to have Becky Siden leading our Holiday Retreat for 2013. Becky has a passion for helping people live life to its fullest potential. Her mission is to offer a space where we nurture self-growth, feel, heal, explore our edge, have fun, and embrace ourselves. Each moment is an opportunity to feel alive and connected. Over the years, she constantly comes back to one theme of what people want…we all want love. We want to be accepted for who we are. The love comes from embracing out truth and light, not allowing a perfectionist ideal to drive us. Becky uses creativity, vulnerability and playfulness on and off the mat. She teaches from a place of being a guide – she believes that you are the true teacher. People say that her classes are inspiring, supportive, authentic, challenging, and fun. Her intention is for you to feel empowered, connected, loved, and inspired from the practice.

Becky teaches a variety of yoga classes including vinyasa, hatha, family yoga, children’s yoga, and individualized therapeutic yoga. She is the creator of Groove, an inspiring class infused with yoga, high intensity dance, and lots of playfulness to help us feel free.

She teaches at Citizen Yoga in Michigan and Yogamedics, and has a license in clinical social work (LMSW) with training and experience in trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and loss, relationship struggles, stress management, mindfulness techniques, depression, empowerment, helping people find their spark, self-acceptance, family and children work, discovering the power of shame and how to work with it.


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By Kelsey

Kelsey, one of the founders and co-owner of Anamaya Resort, is also an actress, model, and mom, living in Toronto, Canada. More information about Kelsey and her projects can be found at