News Coverage of Anamaya

News Coverage of Anamaya

April 12th, 2014 by Geoff McCabe

Many magazines and newspapers, both online and in print, have run stories about Anamaya. We are blessed to have had so much incredible coverage. We have also been placed in many “top 10” or “best of” lists by journalists and reports who felt that what we offer at Anamaya is among the best of the best around. Show below are some of the great press and media mentions we’ve received:

Condé Naste Picks Anamaya for Best Yoga Retreats List

    Conde Naste Yoga Retreats List September 19, 2014

    “The Best Fall Yoga Retreats” by Meredith Rosenberg

    Condé Naste picked Anamaya to include in its Fall 2014 “round up” of best yoga retreats in the world. We were the only one chosen from Costa Rica.

    Ever since opening, Condé Naste was on our bucket list of places to get a plug from since we considered it to be the best travel magazine, so it was very rewarding to finally get noticed.

    Thanks Meredith for including us!

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Forbes magazine

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Elle Magazine, Spain

    June 3, 2014

    “VIAJES PARA YOGUIS – Por todo el mundo” by Marta Alameda

    Elle Magazine

    Elle in Spain found us and added us to their list of best yoga retreats in the world. Muchas gracias Marta Alameda! Here’s our translation from Spanish to English:

    “For those looking to combine yoga with some intense activity, Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica is your place. They offer various types of yoga (including aerial), relaxation packages, luxury spa services, workshops on the body, mind and spirit and gourmet organ menu with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. It also has other activities like surfing or with circus, acrobatics and fire-dancing. All this in a complex built on a cliff just steps from nearby waterfalls, surrounded by jungle and a tropical beach.”

    One of the editors from Elle Canada also visited us and is preparing a feature article about Anamaya, to hopefully come out towards the end of 2014.

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

“Fashion” Magazine in Canada

    June 16, 2014

    Anamaya in Fashion Magazine Canada “5 Exotic Resorts that are Good for your Mind, Soul, and Bikini Body Prep”

    Anamaya was chosen #1 by Canada’s largest fashion magazine as one of the best 5 in the world for yoga retreat centers. They even gave us the cover photo, featuring one of Anamaya’s co-owners, Karen Ramsey McCabe. Some choice quotes from their review:

    “For those who like health handed to them, Anamaya Resort is a wellness paradise atop the hills of hippie haven Montezuma, Costa Rica… the resort focuses on organic cuisine, harvesting much from its nearby farm, Rancho Delicioso, which grows everything from amarinth to ice cream beans and features a state of the art tree house for one of its co-founders that comes complete with flat screen TV. You can’t help but bliss in the family-like setting that will have you making forever-friends with the tight-knit group of guests and staff onsite.

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Toronto Sun Article Syndicated Nationwide

    Toronto Sun Newspaper September 14, 2014

    “Costa Rica Anamaya Resort a Smorgasbord of Healthy Options” by Victoria Revay

    The largest newspaper group in Canada, The Sun, sent a freelance reporter, Victoria Revay to Anamaya who stayed for a week and reported in this great article, which was syndicated across Canada and appeared in over 150 websites such as in Vancouver, Calgary, etc. Thanks Victoria, you are awesome!

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Buzzfeed’s Costa Rica Roundup

    Buzzfeed Costa Rica August 6, 2014

    “12 Places To Stay In Costa Rica You Won’t Believe Actually Exist” by Erin La Rosa

    Buzzfeed, which specializes in viral news articles, included Anamaya in it’s 2014 “top 12” type list of amazing locations to stay in Costa rica. Said Buzzfeed:

    “If you’re looking for a healing retreat from the everyday, then Anamaya is the place. They have a yoga deck, where classes are held, that overlooks the pacific ocean and gulf of Nicoya. And they serve mostly organic meals, raw foods, and even have vegan options. Other options to treat your body here include surfing and scuba classes, as well as spiritual development seminars.”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort Includes Anamaya

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

“The Loop” Canadian Variety Magazine

    The Loop Canada - Logo July 22, 2014

    “5 essentials for a well-being vacation” by Beverley Ann D’Cruz

    The Loop is one of Canada’s most popular magazines, and they published a feature-length article on Anamaya in July 2014, including many quotes from their interview with co-owner Kelsey Matheson. An Excerpt:

    “We know what you’re thinking: sun, sand and an endless supply of Margaritas. But what about challenging yourself to try (or learn) something new? Aside from basic and aerial yoga at Anamaya, guests can learn how to surf, take a horse-riding lesson, go hiking and zip-lining or indulge in a massage.”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Canoe Travel Magazine

    Canoe Magazine Yoga Date, 2014

    Canoe is one of Canada’s top Travel magazines, and they ran a feature article and a collection of their favorite photos of Anamaya, chosen from our website. Their first photo was taken by one our guests, Jeff Sargent, who stayed for a week-long yoga retreat. He later returned and did two yoga teacher training programs.

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

#1 On Huffington Post Top 10 List

    April 27, 2012

    “Top Eco Resorts for Yoga Lovers” by Laura DiMugno

    Huffington-Post-Top-10 Anamaya Rate #1 in the world, and given the cover photo

    “At this boutique resort nestled in the Costa Rican rainforest, guests can choose to get their “om” on in front of the sparking ocean or one of several cascading waterfalls. The retreat offers a variety of yoga classes for all experience levels, as well as a 200-hour yoga teacher training and certification. After a yoga session, guests can soak in a salt-water pool or enjoy a variety of massages and health treatments offered at the resort’s spa. All of the food at Anamaya is organic — including many vegetarian and vegan options — and guests can even watch the chef prepare their meals right in front of them.”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

National Post’s Travel Section Feature Story

    March 27, 2012

    Canada's National Post Travel Section “Room Keys: Costa Rican yoga retreat Anamaya offers a scenic way to recharge and relax” by Samantha Grice

    “One day into my stay at Anamaya Resort, I felt life go from black and white to colour. Not simply the way anyone feels going from a city (Toronto) endlessly engulfed in winter to a country (Costa Rica) that never waivers from full-on Technicolor tropical splendour. But the combined effect of warm ocean air and Anamaya’s yoga and adventure retreat left me fully refreshed in mind, body and spirit. It may sound New Age cheesy, but it’s true…”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

#1 in Travel to Wellness Magazine

    Travel to Wellness Magazine “10 Best International Yoga Retreats and Vacations” by Michelle Doucette

    “Options abound in Costa Rica but in the north Anamaya Resort can’t be beaten. Reminiscent of a Balinese resort, this exotic holiday spot is just a stone’s throw from the town of Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula. Daily classes are usually Anusara yoga (a form of hatha) plus retreats focusing on yoga, circus skills, detox and meditation are met with a saltwater infinity pool, organic cuisine, fire dancing and trapeze acts. If you can’t afford the in-house retreats, don’t worry, you can also drop in for daily yoga classes in their gorgeous yoga pavillion.”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Forbes Travel Guide

    Forbes Travel Guide December 28, 2012

    “6 Hotels For A Yoga Escape” by Michelle Doucette

    “If the daily yoga classes, nearly weekly yoga retreats and organic cuisine (like miso-seared yellowfin tuna with broccoli and coconut quinoa) aren’t enough to lure you to Anamaya Resort, perhaps its outdoor yoga deck is. From your mat on the covered deck, you’ll gaze down at treetops, cliffs and the Pacific Ocean, with the sound of waterfalls in your ears. It’s the ultimate backdrop for your downward dog…”

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Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Huffington Post Canada

    April 2, 2014

    From “12 ‘Spring Cleaning’ Spas Perfect For Men And Women In Need Of Rejuvenation” by Michele Sponagle

    Anamaya in Huffington Post Canada Hanging Out In Costa Rica

    Yoga enthusiasts can get their zen on at the Anamaya Body Mind & Spirit Resort. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, guests get a natural high doing their downward dogs from the yoga deck surrounded by lush rainforest. Speciality retreats centre around activities like surfing or aerial silk fitness classes. While you detox, the kitchen serves up organic foods, some eaten raw, to help balance those slices of meat lovers pizza consumed before you left.

    Full Article:

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Prana Magazine

    February 23, 2014

    Excerpt from the article “Yoga Teacher Training: No Climbing for One Month” by Alli Rainey

    Prana Magazine - Anamaya View “I had no expectations for my month-long intensive yoga teacher training (YTT) at Anamaya Body Mind & Spirit Resort in Costa Rica beyond knowing that I’d likely leave with a greater comprehension of yoga than I did when I arrived. Though I’ve practiced yoga poses regularly throughout my life (I started when I was 10), I was a self-taught practitioner, and I knew I had a lot to learn. Even knowing that I had a lot to learn, this teacher training blew me away. Our teacher, Jacqueline Chiodo, was excellent and our training was thorough, incorporating not only asana practice and alignment but also, yoga philosophy, history, breathing, chanting, chakras, anatomy and Ayurveda, among other areas.

    For a month, I lived in a house in the jungle on the top of a hill with four awesome ladies while I expanded my knowledge of yoga along with about 30 other soon-to-be yoga teachers. Monkeys and geckos provided a background chorus as we practiced multiple times daily on the yoga deck overlooking the ocean. We lived and breathed yoga; we got to know each other well through laughter and tears. It was an honor and privilege to be part of such a diverse group of insightful people from all over the globe…”

    Full Article:

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Grazia Magazine (France)

    August 30, 2013

    “The Top 10 Coolest Yoga Ashrams on the Planet”

    Anamaya was featured in print in this great top-10 list from french fashion magazine “Grazia” but unfortunately it didn’t make it into their online version (usually it’s the opposite.) But here’s the pages from this feature article:

    GraziaFront gracias-p1 grazia-p3 grazia-p2

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

More Media Coverage for Anamaya:


By Geoff McCabe

Geoff is the CEO of Anamaya, working tirelessly to continually approve all its functions. With the goal to make it the most amazing yoga and wellness center anywhere, Geoff delves into nutrition, design, management, and just about every facet of Anamaya. When not working, he lives at Rancho Delicioso, our nearby organic farm, and enjoys surfing and yoga.