Partner Yoga Retreats

partner yoga retreatHow is your relationship going? Are you stuck in a rut and find yourselves doing the same thing each weekend and during non-work hours? Maybe it is time to put down the remote and take action and start looking for a new and fun way to open up the communication with your partner and spice up your life. Let’s look at a new and fun way to do just that…let’s look at the calendar and plan a Partner Yoga Retreat vacation.

Strengthening the Connection

While you are away at a yoga retreat with your partner you can expect as you go through the motions together, that you will experience a closer and more soulful relationship while using partner yoga and building trust through movement, massage and some giggles.

During your yoga teaching you can expect:

  • Reconnect with your partner in a strengthening, energizing and uplifting way
  • Learn to release tension and stress
  • Explore nurturing, playfulness and optimism
  • Learn new skills how to support, guide, honor and encourage your partner
  • Even if you are new to yoga –this type of yoga welcomes anyone

4 ways to benefit

  1. Never assume that Partner Yoga is only for couples. There are many classes that allow singles to participate and partner up with another single in the class. If this is the route you plan to take then make sure the person you pair up with is about your height and weight to make the practice more beneficial.
  2. Never expect miracles. Before going to class with your partner talk about your expectations for class. If you are experiencing any specific relationship challenges try not to put to many hopes in one basket and expect instant resolution. Go in with realistic goals and open heart and a willingness that this is going to be an opportunity to learn and grow together as a couple by sharing through yoga.
  3. Be ready to give. Your role in Partner Yoga is to be a good listener as well as being able to openly share what you are thinking. By using this yoga as a give or take tool in your relationship building you and your partner can move deeply into the ideals that provide a supportive, successful and loving relationship.
  4. Enjoy the time together. During your yoga practice totally give your attention to your partner and the exercises and try not to take anything too seriously. You should be able to take a deep breath, relax and laugh and learn together as you move through poses.

Partner yoga pose sequence to practice

While away or back at home from your yoga retreat you can continue with this sequence with your partner. Your yoga teacher will show you how to start with Childs pose. Everyone loves Childs Pose and the deep release that it gives in the sacrum and low back. Childs pose can also be the starting point for other poses such as Camel pose.

  1. Begin with one partner in Childs pose
  2. The active partner will stand between the resting partners outstretched arms and the resting partner will take a firm hold of the active partners ankles
  3. Active partner leans forward and walks slowly hands down the resting partners back until you come to an upward dog-like position with your hands resting on the lower lumbar area of the back.
  4. The active partner will then move their weight forward into the hands to provide the resting partner a deep low back release
  5. The active partner shifts their weight back into their heels while releasing the pressure.
  6. Repeat in other position

Make the Effort

Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that some fresh ideas and new effort needs to be aimed at the relationships in our lives. Even when you have a solid relationship sometimes adding something new can only make it stronger. Try getting away and sharing the experience of a yoga retreat. You will deepen your personal connection with your loved one as you explore through movement, body and breathe as a unit. You will be there to offer each other compassionate awareness as you bond even more closely to each other. No experience is necessary to enjoy this experience.

Through practice and communication at your yoga retreat you will be offered new communication skills that will bring huge benefits to your relationship for years to come. It will also help transfer over into all your other relationships such as friend, family, co-worker and even those people that cause challenging moments in your life.


This article is about Partner yoga retreats and what they can offer a relationship. Anamaya resort is offering this information to help further your yoga education. Anamaya Resort does not provide teacher training for this particular type of yoga. If you are interested to learn more you can visit the website

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