Gaia House -


Accommodates: Up to 5 people – three in single beds and two in separate lofts
Features: Ocean View – AC – Ceiling Fan – Two bathrooms – Two Showers
Description: The Gaia House is one of our favorites. It’s made with mostly natural materials, including a palm roof. There are TWO lofts, each with its own ladder to access it, and there are two very small, but beautiful bathrooms and two showers.

  costa rica eco lodge and yoga retreat center  


Gaia super view

The entire front of the Gaia House is sliding glass and screen doors, that can all be opened up for maximum breeze and light.


The Gaia House is simultaneously very modern and rustic, because of the combination of smooth white concrete, polished stucco, and organic materials such as the natural palm roof, and rough wood posts. You can also see in this photo the latter/stairs that go to one of the two sleeping lofts.


The Gaia House has two bathrooms like the one on the right, each of which has a toilet and sink, and a glass wall opening to a small internal garden. On the left you can see there are two showers and an additional sink (three sinks total.)


Double Shower with an ocean view

Our guests LOVE the showers of the Gaia House, which are open to the ocean and jungle below. Not shown here are the curtains for those wanting more privacy, but the guests that I’ve spoken with haven’t used them because they seem to like the open air. There’s no glass between you and the world in these showers!


This is the view from the Gaia house most days.


Gaia got color
Yoga dormitory
Affordable yoga retreat
Gaia Loft before remodel

This is one of the gaia lofts before the remodel. We removed the palm roof, replacing it with a terra cotta type tile, and added a window, so it’s lighter and cleaner.



  costa rica eco lodge and yoga retreat center