Gatherings and Parties Photo Gallery -


Anamaya is definitely a place for fun. We attract a great number of spectacular performers from around the world, who often like to display their talents. Most of the owners of Anamaya are professional performers, so more of our tribe tend to end up here. We have full moon parties, special yoga events, school fundraisers, and many spontaneous dance parties when our guests are in the mood.


Kids from Montezuma doing a drum performance at Anamaya during a fund-raising party for La Escuela Futuro Verde.


Costa Rica’s most famous circus troupe, ‘Cirko Vio’ starts at a show at Anamaya for a fundraiser for one of the local schools.


DJ Travis Winn and Aerialist Ana Prada preparing for a show at dusk on the deck at Anamaya.


We sometimes have parties during our yoga retreats, usually on a Friday night, and we invite great people from Montezuma. Often we’re raising money for something.


An aerialist performs at Anamaya during one of our parties.


A pair of acrobats performs at Anamaya for one of our shows.


Anamaya owner Joseph Mikrut dances with fire for the guests.


Anamaya owner Geoff McCabe dances and eats fire for the guests at Anamaya.