Silvia Eriksson, Guest Yoga Teacher

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DATE:  Feb 25 – March 4, 2017

PRICES:  Check out Rates and Reservations page for our base rates plus the prices for our various packages.

PACKAGES:  We have a number of different Yoga Retreat packages. Try the Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Surfing, or the Pure Yoga package. For more information please read more about our Anamaya Retreat Packages. Or for those who are not totally into yoga, there’s no need to choose a yoga package at all – you can book all your activities and excursions A La Carte. We call it the Relaxation Retreat.

We are also now offering a Scuba Certification and Yoga package to our guests.

WORKSHOPS:  This week we are excited to offer our guests two special workshops. The Bhandas – A Journey To and From Your Center, and a Partner Yoga Workshop. Both workshops are 2 hours long and are $40 each (or $70 for both). Please see more details below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Silvia Eriksson

Silvia Eriksson

Silvia lives in Montezuma since early 2009, where she found her home with her Costa Rican partner. It has been her childhood dream to be surrounded by forrests and the ocean, and she was lucky to have found a place to both deepen the connection to nature, and to herself through Yoga and living an authentic and simple life.

Around 10 years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark where she is originally from, yoga became a big part of her life, having found a way to move her body which was both fluid and healing after a bad record of accidents that healed poorly. Starting with Hatha yoga and learning mindfulness and careful attention to movement and postures, she fell in love with the practice and it has been an essential part of her life ever since.

In 2011 Silvia completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Anamaya, and proceeded to  teaching Restorative yoga  at Anamaya and weekly community Vinyasa classes in Montezuma town for donations to local projects. At the moment she is the studio manager at Montezuma Yoga and a full time teacher with several thousand hours of teaching under her belt. She has deepened her practice and passion for alignment based Vinyasa/Hatha flow over the years and kept up her education through workshops and courses about anatomy, physiology and philosophy, staying curious as to constantly improve and evolve catering to her students which are of all levels, age and background.

Silvia Half Moon Pose

Silvia’s Philosophy

Silvia’s intention and philosophy with her teaching is focused around inclusion of all types of people, no matter their background, age and yoga ability. She believes the poses can be accessed through variations for all bodies, and benefits all of us in the same way – through mindful breathing linked with movement learning to pay attention and stay present in our practice by focusing on alignment, breathing and steady movement. Finding balance between ease and effort, strength and flexibility is key in her classes, they are challanging, playful and flowing always followed by rest and stillness.

Her belief is that through a regular and balanced practice both of Asana, Pranayama, meditation and rest is the key to coming home to our bodies and help us live a more conscious and satisfying life.

Silvias Yoga Retreat at Anamaya


The Bhandas – A Journey To and From Your Center

This workshop is designed to help you deepen your practice by learning where and how to focus your energy in yogic postures. Learn the anatomy behind the activation and control of your core, or in yoga known as the Bhandas , or “locks” and “seals” in your body. We will be doing exercises and explorations into the deeper levels of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, through a blend of movement, theory and breathing exercises.  We will also play with inversions using these techniques, so it will be challenging and interactive.

Duration : 2 hours

Partner Yoga

This workshop will be fun and active, giving you an opportunity to give and receive support through Partner Yoga poses. Many of the traditional yoga postures, both standing and seated can be done with a partner. We will practice listening to each other’s breathing, feeling movement and sharing strength and depth through a Partner Flow and discover not only how to move your partner deeper but also the powerful connection of sharing a pose and receiving support.

Duration : 2 hours

***Price: Each workshop is $40 (or $70 for both)

A Message From Silvia


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