Jobs and Work Opportunities at Anamaya Resort

Jobs at Anamaya

montezuma jobs Are health, nutrition, yoga, exercise, and mediation a part of your daily life? Then you could be a great fit for Anamaya!

We’re often looking for great new members for our team who are legal to work in Costa Rica. If you’re looking for work then contact us. Be sure to answer the following questions in your initial email:

1. Contact Info: Name, phone#, email, faceboook profile page.
2. Nationality, and can you work legally in Costa Rica?
3. Job history and list your job skills.
4. Do you live a healthy lifestyle? This might include being vegetarian or healthy eating habits, practicing yoga, exercising regularly?
5. Are you community oriented? Ever worked as a volunteer?
6. Are you a naturally and friendly person who likes to make people smile?
7. Do you have any other talents such as dance, performance, etc that you want us to know about?

We are especially interested in people who live a very healthy lifestyle. Non-smokers only please!

Positions Currently Open:


Tropical Permaculture Team Leader

Do you have experience with organic gardening or permaculture, and can you teach those skills to others? Are you ready to help make farming cool again?

The ideal candidate would be someone who just received a permaculture certification and is ready to spend a year or more really digging into this project. You will be doing research, growing things that haven’t been grown before in this area, and you’ll need to be able to document what you’ve done on our website, so this information can be passed on to the public. Or perhaps you’re looking to complete a thesis, or on sabbatical? The ideal candidate will be scientifically-minded, and will understand how to experiment with various mixtures of soil types, composts, quantities of water and sunlight, etc. You should be good with Google and be able to search online for answers and connect with like-minded people for help.

This position can become a long-term full-time job if together we’re able to find a way to generate an income from the farm, in these various ways:

    1. Create a learning center whereby volunteers get enough value to be willing to pay to stay at Rancho Delicioso and work.
    2. Selling our organic produce and yummy products in jars/bottles to local restaurants, hotels, markets, the public, etc.
    3. Selling small-scale, ready-to-go hydroponic or aquaponic systems.
    4. Organic/local restaurant or “farm to table” dinners for tourists and locals.
    5. Turning recycled trash into desirable or useful handicrafts.
    6. Coordinating of work between our full-time staff and our volunteers.
    7. Teaching certification courses in various permaculture disciplines, and leading farm tours.
    8. Your ideas?


    1. You MUST have a Permaculture Certification enabling you to teach certified permaculture classes to our volunteers, and people who want to take courses.
    2. Speaking Spanish and English is essential
    3. About to tolerate the tropical climate.
    4. You must be fun and awesome


We are looking for someone to use our farm to build a good income for him/herself by taking a share of income generated by:

    1. Leading farm tours as an “excursion” sold by local tour operators
    2. Farm to Table Dinners
    3. Teaching classes, seminars, and long-term certification courses. They could be from 4 hours to 4 weeks or more in:

      A. Organic Gardening
      B. Sustainable Living
      C. Healthy Cooking / Nutrition
      D. Green/Sustainable Building Techniques

    4. Sales of our tasty sauces and other products at the local organic markets.
    5. Your Idea Here?

We have the facilities and the marketing, so you won’t need to do that part. We need you to take all this beautiful potential of Rancho Delicioso and turn it into something that generates an income for yourself and helps to cover the farm’s overhead.

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