Volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to be a volunteer somewhere exciting? We may have an opportunity for you to help out at or our farm, which is a 5-minute drive from Anamaya.

Map to Rancho DeliciosoFor info about the farm, check out: Rancho Delicioso Organic Farm and Center of Sustainability

     Volunteer Application: Click Here

At the farm we’re currently seeking:

Tropical Farmiculture Team Leader

Do you have experience with organic gardening or permaculture, and can you teach those skills to others? Are you ready to help make farming cool again?

The ideal candidate would be someone who just received a permaculture certification and is ready to spend a year or more really digging into this project. You will be doing research, growing things that haven’t been grown before in this area, and you’ll need to be able to document what you’ve done on our website, so this information can be passed on to the public. Or perhaps you’re looking to complete a thesis, or on sabbatical? The ideal candidate will be scientifically-minded, and will understand how to experiment with various mixtures of soil types, composts, quantities of water and sunlight, etc. You should be good with Google and be able to search online for answers and connect with like-minded people for help.

This position can become a long-term full-time job if together we’re able to find a way to generate an income from the farm, in these various ways:

1. Create a learning center whereby volunteers get enough value to be willing to pay to stay at Rancho Delicioso and work.
2. Selling our organic veggies to local restaurants, hotels, markets, the public, etc.
3. Selling small-scale, ready-to-go hydroponic or aquaponic systems.
4. Organic/local restaurant onsite.
5. Turning recycled trash into desirable or useful handicrafts.
6. Your idea?

Being able to speak Spanish would be a huge plus!

Farm Laborer

Are you totally into dirt? Do you, like us, get thrilled at the sight of things growing? Do you want to help make the world a healthier and better place? When someone tells you something is impossible, do you double your effort to prove them wrong?

At Rancho Delicioso we are working every day, experimenting with seeds and plants from around the world, learning how to grow things that haven’t been grown here before. We are scouring the internet for cool plants and advice from green geniuses, so we can bring small-scale farming and food gardening to an area of Costa Rica that has almost none.

It’s not all hard work… you will get to enjoy the jungle and beach as well, improve your Spanish skills, do some surfing, and hang out at Anamaya from time to time to do yoga and enjoy our pool.

If you’re ready to commit to at least a month and become part of our family, then let us know.

Helpful skills:

Organic gardening knowledge
Painting (illustration/art)
Writing and Internet Research
Spanish Language
Raw, vegan, vegetarian, or healthy cooking
Dance, circus, and performance arts
Making people laugh and smile