Sweet Surrender: Day 20


It’s a good thing our yoga decks at Anamaya are surrounded by the ocean, beautiful flowers, trees and the sounds of nature. Today our yoga practice was quite difficult. The name of the game was holding. There were sensations in parts of our bodies that we didn’t even know existed. Banyan was teaching us how to become comfortable with discomfort by turning to pranayama; the life force (breath) and inner strength.  It was a challenge that he knew to save for our ending days of yoga teacher training. The most beautiful thing Banyan taught us is to listen closely to our bodies; to know the difference between surrendering and giving up. He gently led us through the importance of both baring down and letting go. For this we will forever be grateful as it is a lesson to carry for a lifetime.

Peace Live and Light

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By Tiffany Savion

Tiffany Savion is an author & lifestyle enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with clients, teaching them to improve their overall health & happiness. Tiffany's free time is filled with playing beach volleyball, creating yummy recipes, learning to play guitar & piano and most importantly laughing & dancing as much as possible.