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Aerial Dance Retreat with Ana Prada – Nov27-Dec4 2010
July 20th, 2010 by Geoff McCabe
ana-prada-aerial-silk-retreat-large Anamaya Silk Dance Retreat, with yoga and pilates. Come to paradise to play, relax, connect with nature and get in shape with aerial dancer, pilates and yoga instructor Ana Prada. Get introduced to aerial dance or improve your technique, using yoga and pilates to prepare your body and fly! The workshop will take place in the most beautiful setting: Anamaya... [read more]

Sexiest Hotel in Costa Rica
May 27th, 2010 by Kelsey
Why is Anamaya one of the sexiest hotels in the world? We're located in one of the worlds designated Blue Zones - where people live the longest and the healthiest. Anamaya also means "good health" and anyone with a healthy glow definitely gives off a sexy energy, but the resort itself has a lot more to offer that will arouse... [read more]

Ana Prada, former aerialist performer with Cirque du Soleil, retreat
May 27th, 2010 by Geoff McCabe
Learn Aerial Yoga Ana Prada came to Anamaya for a second time, this time to do a small retreat and series of classes teaching aerial silk acrobatics, also known simply as "tela" in Spanish, which simply means "fabric". Ana is Colombian, but lives in Montreal, Canada, and has strong ties to Costa Rica because she has family here.   One of her friends... [read more]