Travel Directions to Anamaya

Traveling to Anamaya Resort

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International flights arrive in Costa Rica at the Juan Santamaria International Airport (considered San Jose Airport, or SJO), which is actually located about 20 minutes outside the city of San Jose. The best and fastest way to get to Anamaya is by plane, it’s a 30 min. flight to Tambor then a 30 min. taxi ride from there. Saturdays we now have a shuttle to bring you from the airport. You can also rent a car and drive from San Jose if you want a serious adventure, or take a direct bus for the most economical route. More info about our Montezuma Location.

Requirements for Costa Rica

  • You MUST have a passport that is valid for at least 30 days after your date of entry.
  • All visitors must hold an onward or return ticket. In other words, before you arrive it is best to have a printed copy of your return flight that is scheduled with in 90 from your arrival. If you cannot provide this, you may be required to purchase a flight out of the country.
  • In most cases a visa is not required for stays up to 90 days. It is required that you leave the country before this 90 days is over. Then you can re-enter the country after 72 hours.
  • When you fly home from the San Jose airport, you will need to pay a departure tax which was just increased to $29.  It can be paid in USD, CRC or most credit cards.
  • Also when flying out of San Jose, you will need to go to the ticket counter even if you’ve check in on line and don’t have any luggage to check.

flying san jose

Flying over San Jose, Costa Rica


Plane & Taxi

fly costa rica
A beautiful way to experience Costa Rica is from the air. From San Jose it’s only a 30 minute flight to Tambor, our local airport. This costs $75-$105 (each way). There, we will arrange to have a taxi waiting for you. Then to Anamaya it’s about a 30 minute scenic ride, which costs $40 for a regular taxi (max 4 people) or $10/person for a van (5-9 people). If you don’t get a chance to arrange one with us, there is almost always one there waiting and they should know where we are located.

The 2 airlines that fly SJ-Tambor are Sansa and Nature Air.

Nature Air now flies from
  1. San Jose International Airport (SJO), where you likely flew in.  They have a ticket counter located in the middle of the the other international airlines.  So when you fly in, once you go through immigration, pick up your luggage and clear customs, you’ll go outside, across the street to the parking garage and up the stairs or elevator to the main level where the ticket counters are, and check in, go back through security and to the gate.  it’s important to check in no less then 1 hour before departure, thus at least 2 hours after you land so you have plenty of time.  

Please book your flight here for Nature Air. NOTE: they have limited luggage allowances.

Santa Flights to Tambor, Costa Rica

Sansa Airline has it’s ticket office and departure area right next door to the international airport. You just go outside of the main airport to the street and turn left. Its about a 5 minute walk.  Book Sansa tickets to Tambor.  They also have a limited luggage allowances.


This is the more economic route to Anamaya that we are happy to book for you. It is also a way to meet other retreat guests with whom you will be spending the week (or month, depending on the retreat). To take advantage of this shuttle, we recommend booking your international flight to arrive no later than 1pm. The company we work with is timely and professional. To sign up for this group shuttle, please send an email to the reservations manager with your “arrival” time at the San Jose international airport and, of course, a request to be signed up. She will then respond with a confirmation email detailing the exact cost and cancellation procedure. This service differs quite a bit depending on if we are in green season (june-nov) or high season (dec-may). For green season, there is a regular shuttle that departs at 8am. Often guests are not able to arrive so early so the reservations manager can book a private shuttle that picks up between 2 and 3pm at the latest. The private shuttle costs $60/each. The reservations manager will send a confirmation email for the time and cost the week prior to your arrival. For high season, the regular shuttle departs the international airport at 6am and at 2pm. This shuttle costs $50. We put these charges on your bill.

It takes 1.5 hours from the airport to the ferry in Puntarenas. The shuttle driver will buy your tickets and help you board the ferry. You carry all your luggage on the boat with you. The ferry also takes 1.5 hours. Enjoy a beautiful boat ride with views of the sunset over the mountains! You will board another shuttle on the other side in Paquera, which welcomes you to our lovely Nicoya Peninsula! From Paquera, the ride is another 1.5 hours to our door at Anamaya.

To return on the following Saturday to the airport, the shuttle will pick up from Anamaya at 7am (high season) or 9am (green season) and arrive at the San Jose international airport between 12 and 12:30pm or 2 and 2:30pm, respectively. Your departure flight must be no earlier than 3:30pm.

Direct Bus

Direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma (Ph# 2642-0219). This bus leaves every day from the parada de San Carlos (5 cuadros al norte de iglesia de la Mercedas) in downtown San Jose at 6:00am and 2:00pm. The cost is $12 US. The bus station is a 20 min., $20 Taxi ride from the international airport. The bus trip takes about 5.5 hours total. There is one rest stop between San Jose and Puntarenas. In Puntarenas you must get off the bus and the driver will hand you a ferry ticket and a laminated card that you need to get back on the bus. Follow the bus crowd onto the ferry for a beautiful one and a half hour ferry ride. Upon crossing the gulf you will disembark in Paquera. Follow the passengers to the other side of the ferry terminal to re-board the bus and continue the journey to Cobano. In Cobano all passengers going to Montezuma switch to another bus, which takes you the final 20-30 minutes to downtown Montezuma. Please let us know your arrival time, we will have a taxi pick you up at the bus stop in Montezuma ($5-6).

Rental Car & Ferry

Renting a car and driving from San Jose can be a fun adventure if you are well prepared. We don’t suggest it for most people. The drive from San Jose takes about 5 hrs including the ferry. We can help you arrange to have a rental car waiting for you at the Airport in Tambor or delivered right to Anamaya for you. That way you can arrive more stress free and not have to worry about navigating the whole journey. If you do rent a car, we suggest a 4×4 since the roads here are rather adventurous.

Driving directions

These are the directions using the old highway which takes about 1.5 hrs longer. It’s possible to take the new highway, but the directions are not available here yet.

From San Jose Airport, head west, away from San Jose city. You can follow signs to Puntarenas, where the ferry is located. (see below) Take the ferry to Paquera. After the ferry, follow all the traffic and the signs to Tambor (where the smalll airport is located) and then on to Cobano. There is one main road, so it is very easy to follow. Once in Cobano, turn left at the main intersection (at the bank) and continue on the main road to Montezuma (about 10 min). Go through (or past) Montezuma, then just past Amor De Mar Hotel, turn right up the steep hill following signs to Delicios. We are 200 meters past the Mariposario (or butterfly gardens. everyone will know where it is if you are lost). We have a big Anamaya sign out front. Turn in and follow the drive to the end and your home!

View from the ferry

View from the ferry



When driving from San Jose to Montezuma or back, you will need to take the ferry (not necessary if you are coming from Tambor Airport). It takes about 1.5 hrs in total. Prices Adult: 810 colones, Kids: 485 colones, Automobiles (with driver): 11.400 colones. The ferries have an air-conditioned passenger deck complete with snack shop and restrooms, as well as a large outside viewing area. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased. We recommend getting to the ferry about 30 min before it is scheduled to leave to help make sure your vehicle gets a space on the boat. Here is the time schedule: (it changes every few months, so for the most up to date info, please call (506) 2661-2084, then press 4. It is in spanish) This one is current as of Feb 3, 2014.

From Puntarenas to Paquera:
6 am / 9 am / 11 am / 2 pm / 5 pm / 8:30 pm

From Paquera to Puntarenas:
6 am / 9 am / 11 am / 2 pm / 5 pm / 8 pm