Weddings in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Weddings

Anamaya is definitely one of the best places in Costa Rica to have your wedding, but because of the way we organize our schedule, you would need to book the whole resort for 7 nights, with your group arriving on Saturday afternoon and leaving Saturday morning. Basically it will be like your entire group (up to 30 people) booking a yoga retreat with us, and it would include the same things… our gourmet healthy organic food, yoga included, etc. With 10 more people in the Butterfly Garden B&B below us (Montezuma Gardens) and 6 in Villa Prana, you could then have up to 46 people here in the neighborhood. Probably you’d need to book this a year in advance to make sure we haven’t already planned out the week you want.

So if this works for you, read on… if you need more flexibility, then check out this local wedding guide:

If you’re looking to organize a romantic destination wedding, then let us help you coordinate a ceremony that exceeds all expectations. Imagine a wedding where both the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their special day to the fullest in a tropical paradise.


Our management at Anamaya can help organize flowers, music, menus, photographers, by referring you to an independent wedding planner who is part of the Anamaya family. The Montezuma area is the perfect backdrop for an incredible wedding experience.

Anamaya: The Temple of Love

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Anamaya’s main villa was designed as a temple of love, and with the addition of the new roof deck in front of the house, it’s the ideal place to hold a wedding in Costa Rica. This location faces south, so a sunset ceremony will be ideal. The sun will be setting to the right side, preventing glare, yet often creating a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. Just before, or during the sunset, there’s often a rainbow on the left over the ocean. (However, we can’t guarantee any rainbows!)

If it rains, we have a huge covered deck that will work, and if it happens to be windy and stormy too, then the ceremony can be held inside the house. We’ve had several parties with over 100 people in the house, so we are prepared for any contingency to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you and your guests will have a great time.

Catering your Wedding

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Anamaya’s master chef and team wil be delighted to cater your wedding. We will also bring in a super-fun team of bartenders and servers for larger groups. Do you want a giant spread of sushi for your wedding? No problem, we can do it. A raw food wedding? We’d be thrilled. Most of what we do is already organic, but depending on what you want, we may or may not be able to guarantee organic with every detail because of our remote location. Check out our organic restaurant menu for a better idea of what we’re already cooking for our guests.

Wedding Entertainment

The owners and managers of Anamaya are professional fire dancers, and we’re prepared to put on a spectacular show for your event. We can also bring in friends who will perform on our aerial silk, Cirque du Soleil-style. We have performed hundreds of times, including countless weddings, and we frequently perform at weddings and wedding receptions in the area and in other parts of Costa Rica.

Many of our wedding clients have asked that in addition to a big show, we also perform smaller shows throughout the night, and we will remain in costume as well, which adds an exotic and festive atmosphere to the event.