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Lola Rephan

DATES:  Dec 10 – 17, 2016

PRICES:  Check our Rates and Reservations page for our base rates that include accommodations and meals.

PACKAGES:  We have a number of different yoga retreat packages. Try Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Surfing, or the Pure Yoga package. For more information please read further details about our Anamaya Retreat Packages. Our yoga classes are for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. Or for those who are not into yoga, there’s no need to choose a yoga package at all – you can book all your activities and excursions A La Carte. We call it the Relaxation Retreat.

WORKSHOPS:  We’re excited to offer a couple of additional Strength and Surrender workshops to attend this week. The first one is called Open the Gates: Hips, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps, and the second is How to Meditate. More information on each workshop is listed below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Lola Rephann

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Lola Rephann has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Lola’s teaching is informed by mindfulness, the felt sense, and the breath. Lola studies primarily with Ana Forrest and Erica Mather, a Forrest Yoga guardian in New York City, Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga in New York City, and Corina Benner of Philadelphia, PA. Lola is an e-RYT at the 200-hour level. She has amassed well over 2,000 hours of teaching experience privately, in group classes, and in corporate settings throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Lola studies Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, hatha/vinyasa yoga, thai yoga massage, and reiki. Lola seeks to bring each practitioner to a place of stillness and awareness, where healing happens naturally.

Lola’s classes are a call to meet your edge, to challenge the body-mind intelligently. A typical “yang” or active class would begin with pranayama and/or meditation, move into heating warm-up poses, followed by a strong, yet well-paced, standing pose sequence and peaking in a thoughtfully chosen apex pose. Lola weaves a psychological, physical, or spiritual thread of inquiry into each class, and often asks students to observe all three layers of experience during their practice. As a teacher, Lola hopes to guide her students to a deeper relationship with themselves, where inquiry leads to awareness, and awareness leads to transformation.

Lola also practices healing with Thai Yoga Massage and Shamanic Reiki. She has been studying Thai Massage for over six years and has her Level 3 Reiki Master certification from Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle.

One of Lola’s gifts that she uses extensively in her teaching is that people feel comfortable in her presence, allowing them to reveal themselves, to be seen, to drop shields, and to heal. Lola is honored to be able to work with people in such an intimate and personal way.

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Lola’s Personal Teaching Philosophy and Intention for Anamaya’s Guests

I practice and teach yoga for healing, self-exploration, and growth. Yoga is the most effective tool for healing and personal transformation I have ever encountered. My teaching guides you into a state of feeling, connection, and seeing yourself as you truly are. When we recognize our true nature, we transcend stress, tension, anxiety and confusion. In the moment, we glimpse our essential selves and our connection to all living things. As we heal individually, we begin to heal the collective.

I teach Forrest Yoga, a breath-based, mindful approach to vinyasa yoga designed to go deep into cellular tissue thru long-held and challenging pose sequences. Forrest Yoga excels at healing trauma, opening to feeling and emotion, building strength, and nurturing a state of embodiment. I also teach alignment-oriented vinyasa yoga, a practice designed to help students become more aware by finding correct alignment in the yoga poses, which helps prana (vital energy) circulate thru the body-mind. The daily morning practices will be informed by these approaches.

The evening sessions will be a combination of Yin Yoga (a practice of long-held poses designed to target the fascia, or connective tissue, of the body), gentle Hatha yoga, and meditation. The fascia is where we store emotional as well as physical trauma, and true healing must address these deep layers of cellular tissue.

The retreat will focus on emotional and energetic healing and release, building strength in body, mind, and spirit, and self-discovery, all while having fun and super-charging your existing yoga practice.


Loga teaching on main deck

Strength and Surrender Workshops

Open the Gates: Hips, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps

Our hips and legs are both incredibly powerful and often, incredibly tight. Viewed as “gates” to our energy centers, the legs can either help us tap in to our strength and creativity, or tension there can feel like a block to full self-expression. Release the hips and legs and connect to the power of your 1st, or root chakra, and 2nd or sacral chakra, the creative center. A vigorous vinyasa practice designed to open the hips and legs will lead to poses that target long held tensions in hips, legs, and low back. Emerge with a deeper connection to your sense of strength and creativity. This workshop is a perfect remedy for those who sit at a desk a lot and feel tension or stress in their low back, hips, and groins. This is a 2-hour workshop. Cost is $50.

How to Meditate

Meditation has countless proven benefits, ranging from reduced anxiety to enhanced empathy and improved immunity. If you’ve been interested in meditating but weren’t sure where to start, this workshop will help. Start with a short Yin Yoga practice to open the body and quiet the mind, then learn several simple methods of meditation. We’ll meditate for about 20 minutes using a few different techniques for quieting the mind, so you can experience which methods work best for your temperment. I have been meditating regularly for about 6 years. There will be time for Q&A so you can ask those questions that come to the mind of all beginning meditators. This is a 75 min workshop. Cost is $35.

***Package Price for both workshops is $70

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