Yoga Retreat with Marcela Nunez


DATE:  May 26 – June 2, 2018

PRICES:  After you look through this page and get to know the yoga teacher for this week, please have a look at our Rates & Reservations page to see our BASE RATES (which cover accommodations and meals).

PACKAGES:  We have a yoga retreat package for everyone, and the cost of the package you choose is added to your BASE RATE. Our packages include Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Surfing, or Pure Yoga. For more information about these packages please visit Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP). Or for those who are not totally into yoga, there’s no need to choose a yoga package at all – you can book all your activities and excursions A La Carte. We call it the Relaxation Retreat.

We are also now offering a Scuba Certification and Yoga package to our guests and a Couples Retreat package.

OPTIONAL WORKSHOPS:  We are very excited to offer our guests two special workshops this week. The first is called Journaling Journey – Your Purest Self, and the second is called Accessible Arm Balances for Beginners. Please see below for more information and cost.

Guest Teacher Marcela Nunez

Marcela has been a disciplined Yoga student since 1995, when she developed her personal home practice studying with books, videos and the occasional passerby instructor in the small beach town where she lives. Feeling the void of a light-hearted yoga teacher in her area, she got certified in 2009 guided by the knowledge of internationally respected Noah Mazé, Sianna Sherman, Kenny Graham and others who continue to inspire her practice and teachings. She has over 1000 hours of trainings in Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga, Multistyle, Danyasa, Barre and other styles that complement her teacher skills.

Her creative and coherent sequences have the right balance between personal freedom and thoughtful, responsible alignment with emphasis on breathing and attention to muscular integration. Her playful classes are in fluent English/Spanish.

She’s a contagious optimistic who loves nature, music, animals, a healthy lifestyle and sharing the transformational science of yoga, which for her it’s essentially the way to a peaceful and joyous life journey. She truly embodies the Pura Vida (pure lifestyle) spirit that people from Costa Rica live by.

Teaching Philosophy

My yoga teaching philosophy is founded in the premise of practicality. When you can apply what you learned in your practice off the mat; when your practice permeates all areas ?of your material existence and you can use this yoga to listen clearly to your hearts true voice and tap into your inner wisdom…that’s when yoga is real and useful.

Remember that yoga is not just about us, or meditation, or the asanas (physical body shapes). Yoga is the way you are with other people; yoga is honest service (karma yoga) to others, without an attachment to the results; yoga is devotion that strives to see the love and divinity in every creature; yoga is the wisdom that guides you to spiritual liberation.

A Message From Marcela

Purest YOU, Pure Life Retreat

Come join me to re-energize, unwind and re-connect with your true self while soaking up the blissful surrounds of beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica…one of the most beautiful places on planet earth, where its inhabitants enjoy amazing health and a simple but rich life quality.

Under my guidance the new yogi will be nurtured and encouraged to explore their asana practice but also to modify poses and rest if necessary. … We will focus not only on asana but also on meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation techniques. I offer you an opportunity to cultivate deep foundations and add relevant, practical wisdom to your practice that everyone can relate to in order to truly live your Yoga on and off the mat.  Experienced yogis will be encouraged to explore and enhance their practice, get new insights and share their understanding of yoga asana in a supportive and nurturing environment.

You’ll be guided through uplifting, playful and accessible vinyasa yoga classes in a peaceful natural setting with amazing views, delicious food and rejuvenating restorative/yin practices  to help you bloom into the best authentic version of yourself and experience freedom.

Show up and share your realness with us in this unique space. Even if your desire is just to rest and stretch, you’ll leave with so much more.

See you soon. Pura Vida


Journaling Journey – Your Purest Self

In this 1.5 hr workshop for beginners you will be guided through a short yoga sequence to tap to your deepest heart desires and your true voice so you can transfer these to paper and use this as a tool for personal growth.

We’ll add short exercises to help you shift your perception and pen your new insights in this self-discovery journey.

The journaling technique will help you shed new light on decision-making, gain perspective, deal with emotions & stress, sleep better, understand your moods and release emotional baggage, find purpose and awaken your creative powers.

Your writing will remain private during the workshop. Price is $25

Accessible Arm Balances for Beginners

Arm Balances are empowering and fun! but without the proper technique these poses can lose its purpose and become a source of frustration and injury.

In this 2 hr workshop I will guide you through sequences to access these poses with greater mindfulness and ease, essential actions and movements to help your body understand the mechanics and leverage of arm balances, the power of your inner jewel (nucleus) and make these inspiring poses part of your personal practice to enjoy the freedom of flying! Price is $35

***Package Price for both Workshops is $50

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By Kelsey

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