Yoga Retreat with Guest Teacher Rachel Elise -

Yoga Retreat with Guest Teacher Rachel Elise

October 15th, 2013 by Kelsey

Rachel Elise

DATE:  Feb 7 – 14, 2015

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PACKAGES:  We have a number of Yoga Retreats. Try our Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Adventure, Pure Yoga or maybe a Yoga & Surfing Retreat. For more information visit our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP) page. We’re super excited to have Rachel Elise at Anamaya as our guest yoga teacher.

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP: Rachel will be hosting a additional workshops during her week at Anamaya. Stay tuned for more information.

Guest Yoga Teacher Rachel Elise

During your week at Anamaya Resort our guest teacher Rachel will share with you specifics about the art as well as the science on relieving old injuries while helping you into your most optimal alignment to prevent future injuries. If you want to find out what your secret motivator is to a consistent practice, then you won’t want to miss a single session. Also, if you want deep transformation in your yoga, to finally take it to the next level and to really understand the bio-mechanics of lasting results, NOT temporary – then you are in the right place.

A Personal Letter from Rachel Elise:

Rachel Elise

My yoga journey actually began as a professional dancer following being seriously ill with a cancerous colon at a young age. Did I get your attention? Hope so!

Along with the illness came deep depression until I made the decision to jump head over heals into alternative medicine and I discovered a passion for learning what living a “Healthy Lifestyle” actually is. Everything I chose to eat had to be 100% important and necessary or I didn’t eat it. I began to learn the direct relationship of what I ingested literally became the health of my body, my organs, my immune system as well as the health of my mind and now vanished depression. The relationship of how good I felt in my body and mind had EVERYTHING to do with my ability to love easier, forgive more willingly and grow my passion for life…which was an amazing turnaround from the diagnosis I was facing.

The varied studies of Ayurveda, Herbology, Meditation and Vegetarianism lead me to wonder what the heck we were slathering on our skin on a daily basis as a nation. What are the ingredients? What are they good for? Or actually, why aren’t the good? Even cancerous! This huge inquiry started as a hobby, became an obsession and then transformed into a full time business – Blue Moon Elise Herbal Body Care. Blue Moon Elise creates around 60, 100% Synthetic Free Body Care Products sold in our retail establishment, our website, and in various health food stores and spas around the U.S.

As I stated above, Yoga became a love transitioning from the world of dance but my yoga practice would begin to “fail” me so to speak following a serious auto accident. My practice seemed to only intensify the pain and suffering I was experiencing in my neck and shoulder. I even seriously considered closing the doors of my own studio, BMe Yoga. I started to feel that if my yoga wasn’t helping me, it surely couldn’t be helping others who were hurt and trying to heal. It was then that I would discover a deeper and greater understanding through introduction to Anusara Yoga. The education I would gain superseded all of the 200+ Yoga Training Programs I had previously attended. My love of Anusara Yoga Training would grow from the focus on body alignment and the healing I experienced in my own body. I am completely free from shoulder and neck pain that was so excoriating.

A few of my favorite teachers and personal mentors of mine are Desiree Rambaugh, John Friend, Todd Norian, Gina Minyard, Sarah Faircloth, Stacy Millner-Collins and Joe Taft. What I know and impart to others comes from them. My classes are solely based on opening to the innate goodness that resides in each of us first and foremost and moving from the alignment in which our body’s are intended to move from. My classes are deep and personal and yet with a super blunt and humorous approach to healing. If you have the intention to heal your body and the willingness to learn and discover your body, then game is on!

Discover, Explore and Make Your Own Natural Body Care Workshop


Learn, be inspired, and make your own body care. Rachel will be running 3 1-hr classes for the price of $150. This workshop will teach you:

  • Education about the body care industry and how you can heal skin conditions without commercial or prescribed products and prevent yourself from using carcinogenic ingredients.
  • What Essential Oils to us to put you to sleep quickly and easily and which get you going in the morning.
  • The top 7 Essential Oils to have in your home arsenal for everyday and emergency use. You don’t want to be without these.
  • The top 3 ingredients to avoid in your body care that consistently cause dry skin, itchiness, irritates psoriasis and eczema and even are carcinogenic. (This one is a biggy!)

 Quick Video Message from Rachel

By Kelsey

Kelsey, one of the founders and co-owner of Anamaya Resort, is also an actress, model, and mom, living in Toronto, Canada. More information about Kelsey and her projects can be found at