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Date:  August 22 – 29, 2015

Prices:  Please see our Base Rates and Reservation information.

Packages:  You have a number of Yoga Retreats to choose from. Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Surfing, Yoga & Rejuvenation, or Pure Yoga. For more information on our packages (ARP’s) please see our Retreat Packages page.

Workshops:  Do you like Zumba? Would you like to try it if you haven’t before? Here’s your chance to try it in paradise! Four zumba classes will be offered this week for $70 (or $20 drop in). More details below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Cristiane Machado

Cristiane Cristiane is Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro with a passion for inspiring and empowering others. She moved to the USA in 1999 to explore new possibilities and opportunities.

In 2004, Cristiane attended the Florida School of Massage, in Gainesville and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. The experience of those 6 months in the sacred grounds of Paine Prairies, where transformative and Cristiane believes it was the most enriching and enlightening experience she’s has had.

As a massage therapist, Cristiane got to understand the symbiotic relationship between body, mind and soul, and it has helped her, not only to apply those teachings in her personal life, but also inspired her to use those tools to help others. It was also in this learning process that Cristiane became interested in learning more about Yoga, Meditation and the ability to change pre-conceived notions of self through introspection.

In 2009, Cristiane stumbled upon Anamaya’s website and it was “dream” at first sight. It was there, at Anamaya that she become a Yoga instructor attending one of their first Yoga Teacher Trainings. Since then, Cristiane has hosted 4 successful retreats at Anamaya and other boutique resorts around the globe combining the self-discovery of Yoga and the passion of ZUMBA™.

Cristiane is now living in St. Petersburg, FL. She loves the outdoors, stand up paddling, Yoga on the SUP, dancing, connecting to people from all aspects of life, and, most of all, sharing her believe that through physicality, one can achieve Spirituality.

Cristiane’s Philosophy

I believe, that, since the physical body is tangible, meaning, you can FEEL it, it becomes an easier venue to study the profound effects of Yoga on the self. For many of us, understanding Spirituality and the ethereal world, can be not only “too out there” or confusing, but very challenging (at least it was for me). In my opinion, thats what Yoga is all about. Challenging the self and our pre-conceived notions of who we are and what we are meant to be doing in life.

cristiane Machado I got deeply interested in Yoga when I attended the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL, in the Winter of 2003. I say deeply, because since I was 13 I was curious about all the knowledge and wisdom I found in reading about Tibet, Indian, Sages, Goddess and Goddesses, but, my family and society had other plans for me. After a few years of trying the “traditional” approach to life, I decided to give the “unconventional” world of Yoga and wellness a try, and not surprisingly, I found myself and my passion.

I become an Yoga instructor after attending a 200 hours teacher training at Anamaya in a transformative 6 weeks retreat. Since then, I have hosted many Yoga Retreats around the globe, have taught many private classes and group classes. I like to define my teaching style as diversified, using Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga with a hint of Ashtanga. My classes are designed to ease the beginner and first timer into the art of Yoga, without it being overwhelming, and still, challenging for a more trained Yogi. As a Personal trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist, I prime for the body mechanics and capabilities of the body and I am all about helping people to understand the symbiotic relationship between body, mind and soul.

Zumba Workshops

ZUMBA® Fitness is a Latin based workout. It is an amazing cardio party, where the way you look or how you dance (even Zumba with Cristiane at Anamaya Resort if you have 2 left feet) is never a problem. It is an opportunity to let it all go with the beat of tantalizing music and hypnotic moves. It is an incredible and fun way to work your deepest muscles, as the hips and legs are the main focus of the workout. There is no right or wrong, only fun and exploration…50 minutes and you will be hooked! These ZUMBA® workshops are for everyone! All skill levels welcome.

Cristiane Machado has been instructing ZUMBA® Fitness for past 8 years. She has traveled the world spreading the flavor and fun of this format, and she has also worked as ZUMBA® JAMMER (Master of Choreography) for 2 years and brought it to Brazil, with its Creator, Beto Perez. Four zumba classes will be offered this week for $70 (or $20 drop in).

A Message From Cristiane

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