Yoga Retreats with Guest Teachers Antoine Tinawi & Pamela Gooria -

Yoga Retreats with Guest Teachers Antoine Tinawi & Pamela Gooria

November 5th, 2013 by Kelsey

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DATE:  April 11-19, 2015

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3-DAY WORKSHOP AVAILABLE:  The Art of Meditation Workshop (3 days) for an additional cost of $150/person ($50 for course repeater). Sign-up upon arrival to Anamaya.

Guest Teacher Antoine Tinawi, E-RYT, PMP, RMQ, ANQ

Antoine Tinawi Antoine has been specializing in holistic health for over 20 years. He is a teacher with the Art of Living Foundation where he gives yoga, breathing, meditation and leadership workshops to individuals and for different organizations, institutions and companies. His teachings are based on the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation that he has been receiving under the guidance of world renowned spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar since 1993. Antoine also studied with reputed teachers such as Bhanumati Narsimhan, Mark Darby, Swami Pragyapad, Swami Sadyojathah and Yogacharya Krishan Verma. Between 2008 and 2012, Antoine was the director of the Montreal Art of Living Center as well as the Canadian coordinator of Sri Sri Yoga. Since 2012, Antoine is the co-owner of Centre Holistique Om West where he offers full Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Programs. Centre Holistique Om West.

Antoine is certified by Yoga Alliance with the E-RYT designation, the highest recognition for yoga teachers. Through his yoga classes, students not only discover the benefits of yoga postures but also some of the finer aspects of this discipline such as breathing techniques and meditation. Antoine is one of the few teachers who was imparted from his master, the guarded knowledge of initiating people into meditation with a personal mantra. Antoine also specializes in leading kirtans and in conveying the wisdom of the ancient yoga scriptures to spiritual seekers and future yoga teachers. Antoine is part of the advisory group for Yoga Alliance’s Schools and Studios Committee.

Antoine is also certified in both Western massage and Eastern Ayurvedic healing arts. With his gift as a healer and his intuition and inner peace emanating from years of spiritual practices, Antoine is dedicated to offering an experience of deep rest, and energetic restoration with each treatment.

Antoine’s Philosophy

Antoine offers yoga in different styles including Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. He is known to make students work hard while encouraging them to remaining mindful of their breath and state of mind. Antoine often includes some of the more powerful practices of yoga such as use of pranayama and bhandas in his courses to further enhance yoga’s ability to purify the mind and detoxify the system. His classes are inclusive by giving options to allow students of different levels to participate within their own limits.

Having studied traditional yoga with a spiritual master for over 2 decades, Antoine is also very skilled at offering sessions and workshops on the many other aspects of yoga, including its philosophy, lifestyle, scriptures and higher practices such as pranayama, kriya and meditation.

Guest Teacher Pamela Gooria, E-RYT

Pamela Gooria

Pamela Gooria has been specializing in holistic health for over 12 years. She is a teacher with the Art of Living Foundation and gives workshops to individuals, institutions and companies. Her teachings are based on the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation that she received under the guidance of world renowned spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She also studied Ashtanga yoga with Mark and Shankara Darby. Since 2012, Pamela is the co-owner of Centre Holistique Om West, providing an authentic and complete approach to yoga and wellness services.

Over the years, Pamela has played several roles including being part of the Canadian Youth Committee, the Montreal Art of Living Center Committee and the Montreal treasurer of the Art of Living Foundation.

Pamela is also specialized in yoga for kids, teenagers and young adults. She implemented the first Kids-4-Kids project in Quebec schools aiming to inculcate human values such as friendliness, compassion, respect and sense of sharing. She founded the first Art of Living University Club, providing students with yoga and stress reduction techniques.

Pamela is a chef like no other and in 2010, she founded Montreal’s first weekly vegetarian cooking class, building community and inspiring hundreds of people to make healthier food choices.

Pamela, a former robotics engineer, left her corporate career in 2010 to share her lifelong passion for yoga with everyone. She teaches Hatha yoga for adults, gentle yoga, guided meditation and prenatal among other classes. Through her classes, participants not only experience the benefits of yoga postures but also the finer aspects of yoga such as breathing techniques and meditation.

Pamela’s Philosophy

Pamela brings in a softer side to yoga. Her calm, radiant presence in itself is sufficient for students to feel wonderful right from the start. Pamela teaches traditional hatha yoga as well as gentle yoga, kids yoga and prenatal yoga. Her classes are taught in a friendly non-competitive environment allowing students to move beyond their physical bodies and tap into higher states of consciousness.

Pamela     Antoine

Art of Meditation Workshop

This workshops gives the participant a meditation practice providing the mind with much needed rest.  In just three consecutive sessions of two hours each, you will learn how to tap the depths of your nature. This course is taught in the lineage of world renowned meditation master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. You will be initiated with a personal mantra allowing you to learn meditation in an authentic form as practised for millenniums. Participants receive a unique home practice to help overcome the effects of stressful situations and enhance the quality of life. Price $150. ($50 for course repeater)


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