Yoga Retreats with Guest Teacher T'ai Jamar Hanna -

Yoga Retreats with Guest Teacher T’ai Jamar Hanna

June 2nd, 2014 by Kelsey

Tai Jamar

DATE:  July 12 – 19, 2014

PRICES:  Please have a look at our Rates and Reservations page for base rates that cover your meals and accommodations.

PACKAGES:  We have four different yoga packages to choose from. Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Surfing, and Pure Yoga. For detailed info about our yoga retreats, please see our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP’s).

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP:  An introductory Thai Healing Touch workshop will be offered to our guests this week. Details are listed below. (Price TBD)

Guest Teacher T’ai Jamar Hanna

T'ai Jamar Hanna Yoga Therapist & Healing Artist

T’ai Jamar first learned intuitive touch via her parents, both Doctors of Oriental Medicine; she was 10, offering foot rubs and “tickling hair” something she imagined helped the head, by stroking and hovering over the head/hair. In essence, she found Reflexology and Reiki as part of her developing sense of touch.

In 2014, T’ai Jamar Hanna, LMT is “Licensed to touch” in NYS. Her touch is still intuitive and informed by the individual’s healing process. Her practice is personal and instinctual, based on a pursuit of systems and methods that value the harmony of each person and the capacity for each of us to heal ourselves.

In the last twelve years in NYC, she has been an agent, personal assistant, producer, and event coordinator. After 5 years in the fashion industry, she trained to become a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with Paula Tursi and Peter Kaaberol Kristensen, Reflections in 2006. It was then, she discovered the art of Thai Yoga Massage. Since 2006, she has obtained over 300 hours in advanced yoga therapy, 200 hours in advance Thai techniques, studying with David Lutt of Osteo Thai College, Nerve Touch Chaing Mai, Thai Massage Circus in Laos and the Thai Institute in Virginia, along with several other mind-body trainings including Yoga Tune Up, Anya, and Body Tuning. Concurrently, she obtained a Masters in Nonprofit Management at Milano, The New School, 2010. She completed the Eastern Massage Therapy program in 2013 at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

T’ai Jamar is a senior teacher with Reflections, Center for Conscious Living and the founder of Integral Healing Arts offering international and domestic workshops, trainings, and classes in yoga therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, and dynamic movement. Whether on a table, in the floor, in a classroom, or within her personal relationships, T’ai believes in the power of love and kindness.

Thai Healing Touch Workshop

Thai Massage In this 2.5 hour open level workshop, you will learn a basic sequence to set up a savasana: the final resting pose. This sequence is a great opportunity for anyone to learn listen with your hands, connect with breath, and share the beautiful practice of healing touch with loved ones and/or if you’re a yoga teacher, share with your students and clients. There will be a dynamic warm up, partner yoga playtime, and a chance to enjoy receiving and giving Thai healing touch.

  • Learn a new technique to share with your loved ones.
  • Share long supported stretch
  • Open energetic pathways
  • Enjoy conscious relaxation
  • Surround yourself with loving kindness: metta

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