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Anamaya has six or seven YTTs each year that run 28 days each. There are three different teachers to choose from. All of them are truly amazing and you will be happy with any. However, there are a few differences in the details of how they teach and where they focus that may draw you to one of them.

Jacqueline ChiodoJacqueline Chiodo

When not in Costa Rica at Anamaya, Jacqueline has her own family-run yoga studio in Florida. Her specialty is teaching the Ayervedic system along with the yoga, and in addition to this spiritual side, her program is very physically challenging. She’s a very inspiring speaker, and her students quickly become big fans.

More Info: Jacqueline YTT

Paula TursiPaula Tursi

Paula owns and runs Reflections Yoga in New York City, and has also been teaching yoga in Costa Rica for more than ten years. She is the most experienced of our teachers, and as she puts it, she first learned yoga back when most of the people teaching it were old men with turbans and long white beards. Her program is the most mentally challenging of the three. She will really help bring out the best of what you have to offer the world, and deal with any challenges you have lurking inside your psyche.  A teacher’s teacher, no matter how much you know about yoga, and how many YTTs you’ve done in the past, a month with Paula will bring you to a new level.

More Info: Paula and Peter YTT

Peter KaaberbolPeter Kaaberbol

Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen is the founder of the LagoCph school of yoga in Copenhagen, Denmark, and “X-Pand Me” body stretching system. He is a master practitioner of yoga, martial arts, meditation, and bodywork and for the last fifteen years has devoted his life to the education of yoga teachers worldwide. Peter has a special gift for breaking down complex yogic principles into simple guidance that helps student yogis investigate the body’s subtle energies. By bringing trainees’ awareness to their inner worlds, Peter helps them deepen their practice from the inside out. When not traveling the world teaching, Peter lives with his family in Denmark, and is a very peaceful and gentle person, with a strong inner strength that his students love.

More Info: Paula and Peter YTT

Byran GallegherBanyan Gallagher

Banyan is clearly an old soul, sent to earth to teach and bring joy to all who know him. Since a very young age he as traveled East and West, studied, and taught. Banyan was at one time a semi-professional athlete, a circus clown, a fire dancer, and a motorcycle racer. He now excels at instructing others in the art of teaching yoga skillfully. His classes have a deep presence and a playful touch, with lots of smiles and laughter, and his forte as a yoga teacher is instructing others how to step into their roles as entertainers in their own classes. Great teachers know how to command attention and make their presence felt; Banyan can give you this gift.

More Info: Banyan YTT

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