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Date:  August 20 – 27, 2016

Prices:  Please see our Base Rates and Reservation information.

Packages:  You have a number of Yoga Retreats to choose from. Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Surfing, Yoga & Rejuvenation, or Pure Yoga. For more information on our packages (ARP’s) please see our Retreat Packages page.

Workshops:  We are super excited to offer our guests IARA Flow and ZUMBA Fitness workshops where the participants have an opportunity to connect Mind, Body and inner Devine through movement. For more details, please see below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Cristiane Machado

CristianeCristiane is Brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro with a passion for inspiring and empowering others. She Loves to blend Body Awareness, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Pranayama and Movement into a unique, blissful and fun style of self celebrating. She is also passionate by outdoors, surfing, dancing, and connecting with like-minded people.

Cristiane has been introduced to Yoga early on, as a teenager in Brasil, but it wasn’t until she moved to the USA and attended the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL, that she started practicing it regularly. At that time, she was also going through some major shifts in her personal and professional life so Yoga, Music, Dance and Body Work became the staple of her journey into self-healing and were the inspiration to follow a path of compassion, empathy and of service to others.

During the time Cristiane was attending Massage School, she stumbled upon ZUMBA Fitness at her local gym and the incredible sounds and hypnotic moves from the class were intriguing and also familiar to her. She became an instructor in 2008, trained by ZUMBA Creator, Colombian Beto Perez, whom she traveled with through Rio de Janeiro, Brasil to launch the program in 2012. Cristiane also worked as a ZUMBA Jammer for 2 years teaching workshops that helped ZUMBA instructors to became more connected with their participants and to create their own choreos for their classes. Since then, Cristiane has traveled the globe teaching Master Classes, where the participants expressed a greater sense of overall happiness and euphoria after taking her classes. She knew then, that her personal purpose is to inspire people to move, and to use their physical bodies to experience a natural and organic ecstasy.  As a dancer and a believer that every body was designed to move, Cristiane knows that dance can bring a powerful element to self-healing and growth – one of the reasons why she felt compelled and eager to create her own signature workshop in the art of self-awareness through movement.

cristiane anamaya retreat

Cristiane’s deeper studies of Yoga started when she brought ZUMBA to Anamaya Resort in September 2010 and completely fell in love with the magical energy of the sanctuary that Anamaya is. She attended one of Anamaya’s 200 hr Teacher Trainings and has been teaching Yoga ever since. Her Yoga teachings fuses Hatha, Yin and Karma yoga with a hint of Laughing Yoga and Pranayama breathing techniques.

Cristiane has also deepened her understand of the physical body and its ability to move in the 12 years she’s worked as a Massage Therapist in her own private practice, and also working with many physical therapists, acupuncturists and other natural healers along her path.

Cristiane’s Philosophy

Cristiane is a major Co-Creator and a believer that thoughts become things, and that manifesting the life of one’s dream is possible and achievable. As a teacher of many tools for self-love, self-awareness and self-healing, Cristiane knows that through movement, yoga, breath, senses awakening through aromatherapy, and self-observation, one can learn to love fully, naturally and to live in a constant state of grace.

Cristiane is also the a coach on the art of awakening the Divine Goddess within and she LOVES to Inspire and empower women to take charge of their lives and let go of, what she calls, the “Good Girl” syndrome – which she is open to talk about under full moons, seated in sacred circles, or at any given moment.

As a yoga teacher and body worker, Cristiane’s philosophy is to to inspire and allow each student to meet where they are at. She thrives at creating a safe space for her students and encourages participants to blossom into their own unique best version of themselves – wherever that might be. Cristiane is not interested in trying to “change” or “fix”, but instead to observe and celebrate transformation when it happens. Cristiane believes that we are all at the right place, right moment, surrounded by the right people who will be a part of our journey to inner growth, transformation and healing.

cristiane yoga class at Anamaya

During this retreat, Cristiane will share the tools of Yoga Therapy, Iara Flow, Aromatherapy and her own Oil Blend Creations to awaken the senses, focusing on reawakening the best part of ourselves, bringing joy, bliss and a sense of well-being to return home with.

The “Morning Flow” classes will utilize the power of the sun, breath work, therapeutic Essential Oils, Laughing Yoga and a mindful Hatha practice that will prepare the body and mind to absorb all that Anamaya and its surrounding have to offer. You will feel energized and READY to take upon the magical day ahead. Cristiane is proud and happy to have Jen Cortes, a Phoenix Yoga Nidra instructor, as assistant for the second time at Anamaya. Jen, also started her own journey at Anamaya during one of Cristiane’s Retreats.  The “Restore and Renew” evening classes will include Yoga Nidra, calming aromatherapy, chanting and meditations for self-healing.

For more information about Cristiane, please visit:

cristiane Iara Flow

IARA Flow and ZUMBA Workshops

This time during her 6th year as a guest teacher at Anamaya, Cristiane is honoured to bring Iara Flow and Zumba Fitness classes.

ZUMBA® Fitness is a Latin based fitness class that combines hypnotic music and tantalizing moves. It is a class for everybody and no dance experience is required. It’s an exercise disguised as an amazing cardio party.

The Iara flow combines Yoga Asanas, Native Mystical healing music, and the Breath. Iara or Mãe das Águas “mother of the water bodies”, is a figure from Brasilian Mythology based on ancient Tupi and Guarani Mythology. As our physical bodies are made up of approx 72% water, and we are as human beings, living on this planet and surrounded by water, it seems appropriate that we learn to move with fluidity and ease just as water does. That is the purpose of the Iara Flow. To Awaken our Inner Divine through fluidity. The moves are easy and fun to follow and the empowering cueing will lead the participant into a deeper state of awareness within that will be followed by a blissful state of mind. Iara Flow is designed for The Feminine and The Masculine, and its balancing flow seems to be adequate for all ages and fitness levels.

There will be 2 Zumba classes and 2 Iara flow classes (1 hour each). Each class is $20 or there is a package price of $70 for all four classes.

Cristiane Machado has been instructing ZUMBA® Fitness for past 9 years. She has traveled the world spreading the flavor and fun of this format, and she has also worked as ZUMBA® JAMMER (Master of Choreography) for 2 years. She personally brought it to Brazil, along with its Creator, Beto Perez.

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