Holiday Yoga Retreat

Costa Rican Holiday Yoga Retreat

Date: December 21 – 28, 2019

Price: You have two options. We have a very unique Holiday Package priced at $445 that is only available during our Holiday Retreats (more info below), or an a la carte option to customize your week with us.

The Holiday Package or a la carte charges will be added to your Base Rates. Please Note: Everyone who decides to enjoy Anamaya for these dates will only have the Holiday Retreat Package or a la carte as options. 

Looking to escape the crowds at your local shopping centre? Need some much deserved rest and relaxation? Looking to actually ENJOY your holiday experience by spending it in paradise?

Whatever your reason may be, the benefits of traveling are endless so allow us help you create a unique and exciting holiday experience. Our Holiday and New Years yoga retreats are two of the most popular weeks of the year to stay at Anamaya. Come and join us in one of the happiest countries in the world – it’s the perfect way to end (or begin) another year.

Our Holiday Yoga Retreat is especially unique. See below for more information.

 The Holiday Package Includes:

  • 10 yoga classes
  • One 60 min relaxation massage
  • Surf lesson
  • Zipline tour
  • Salsa dance lesson
  • Cooking class
  • Beach sunset excursion
  • Anamaya farm tour
  • Spanish class
  • Butterfly garden tour
  • Special Workshop (details below)
  • Holiday feast and circus performance
  • Special holiday surprise from your Anamaya Family

Please note that our packages offer flexibility so that you can spend your time relaxing, or you can fill your days with adventure…or perhaps a little bit of both. The most important aspect is that you will have a transformational vacation you won’t forget.

Class Offerings:

As a special offering for this Holiday Retreat, Abbe and Rachael will be offering two classes simultaneously each morning.

On the Lower Deck: Lunar Gentle Flow & Stretch

A gentle, lunar-inspired easy flow appropriate for all levels of practice. All your energies to rise and fall like the ebb and flow of the tide pulling from the gravity of your lunar force, learn to pair your breathing to the rhythmic practice and correctly align your postures and in doing so, align your subtle energies.

On the Upper Deck: Solar Ignite Flow & Stretch

A powerful practice fueled by the solar energy of Surya, God of the Sun. A warming, igniting practice with emphasis on breath, alignment and empowerment. A class to inspire strength, growth and presence, all the while fostering a joyful environment where you can playfully discover your edge.  Here you will learn how to level-up your practice & connect to your inner, fiery Surya.

Guest Yoga Teachers Abbé & Rachael

Meet Abbé Ciulla and Rachael Frodyma, the dynamic and inspiring teaching duo behind Ojas Vitality Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Immersions.

These two yogis hail from the ocean shores of picturesque Rhode Island and they bring with them a passion for practice, connection and community. With over 30 years experience between the two of them, expect to expand your knowledge on the deeper aspects of the practice- biomechanics, subtle anatomy and transcendental meditation techniques.

Join Abbé and Rachael as they help you cultivate a comprehensive understanding of yoga amongst Costa Rica’s most picturesque backdrop. We will journey through the subtle anatomy chakra system, integrate their relationship with asana (postures) explore the history and mythology behind these practices all the while laughing, learning and connecting with your fellow travelers. The tools you will develop on this retreat will serve you for a lifetime.

Get ready for an adventure all about discovering your personal strength, deeper practice and inner bad ass! Truly the experience of a lifetime!

Abbé Ciulla

Abbé Ciulla is the yogi behind and founder of The Adventure Awaits, a retreat and travel company dedicated to bringing life-changing and affordable yoga training programs to people from all walks of life. Abbé has been practicing holistic healing, bodybuilding and integrative nutrition for over a decade and has been nominated Best Yoga Teacher by Mercury Magazine.

With gratitude, Abbe leads a heart centered practice on and off the mat. Her days are filled sharing her signature “Vitality” yoga classes, as well as certified teacher trainings and workshops. Her devoted students travel to practice with her on spiritually immersive yoga retreats all over the globe.

When Abbe isn’t teaching, trekking or balancing on her hands, she spends her days working at family owned garden center where she is surrounded by nature and motivated by growth and transformation. Drawing on her love for the natural world, her devotion of the practice and her wanderess soul she now travels that passion across the world to teach amongst nature’s wild canvas.

Abbé received her formal training from Patti Doyle of Innerlight and Thames Street Yoga. She has since expanded her study with NASM, IIN, and has spent countless hours with great gurus such as Shiva Rea, Kino McGregor, Alison West, Tom Meyers and many more.
Certified E-RYT, RYS, CPT, CSN

Rachael Frodyma

Rachael Frodyma is a Rhode Island yoga teacher, studio owner and yoga teacher trainer who is known for her welcoming spirit, humor, and ability to empower her students through her message, “love grows love.” The R.I. native fell in love with the ancient practice of yoga through a running injury that changed her world. Today, Rachael shares her passion of yoga with all ages ranging from kids to advanced practitioners.

Rachael received her formal training from Patti Doyle and Liz Lind h of Innerlight Yoga Studio, Newport, R.I.. She has since furthered her training with Tiffany Cruikshank, Travis Eliot, Kathryn Budig, and Noah Maze all amazing international teachers who inspire and continue to ignite the spark within Rachael’s soul. Certified E-RY through Yoga Alliance.

With over a decade of experience in her field, Rachael serves her community through various non-profit programs such as The FLY Foundation, a non-profit organization for young adults battling cancer, the CORE program, a 501c providing professional after-school arts education and wellness in all formats throughout the east bay area as well as many local fundraiser throughout the community.  Being such a big part of the R.I. community, Rachael’s studio, Nanaquaket Yoga Studio, received BEST OF R.I. in 2016 from Rhode Island Monthly Magazine Rachael was also nominated Best Yoga Teacher by Mercury Magazine.

Special Holiday Workshops

Stories Behind the Asanas

This 1 hour workshop is included in the Holiday Package.

One part interactive performance, one part symposium, one part bhakti flow. Behind the physical practice of Yoga lies an intricate mythology. As you will learn, almost every asana is named after a yogi, a divine being, a story of love or sacrifice, a moment of war, or a quest for enlightenment.
Move, flow, learn and laugh as Abbe and Rachael brings to life the poetic stories behind the asanas we practice every time we hit out mat.

Break Up / Break Through

This 90 minute workshop is $50.

Building a yoga practice balanced in strength and flexibility means we must dig deep & search for any missing pieces. Most often we don’t need to look far as we are not lost, maybe just wandering a little off track. In this series we will learn how to truly develop a balanced practice. If you feel weakness you will learn how to cultivate strength. If you feel inflexible you will learn how to encourage mobility. Here we will uncover the simple tricks to help us break up with habit energy and discover the path to breakthrough. We will discuss the most common yoga setbacks, injuries & holds, specifically the in shoulders, low back, and hamstring, and how to honor them so that we get the most out of our practice.

This Holiday Retreat Sells Out Fast! BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY.

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