Yoga Retreats with Andrea Wingelaar

Lower Deck at Anamaya Resort

DATE:  Oct 29 – Nov 5, 2016

PRICE:  The base price for accommodations and meals depends on the type of room you choose. For detailed information on base rates visit our Rates and Reservations page.

PACKAGES:  We have a number of great Yoga Retreats to choose from. Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Surfing, Yoga & Rejuvenation, and Pure Yoga. Please see our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP’s) page for more details. Or for those who are not totally into yoga, there’s no need to choose a yoga package at all – you can book all your activities and excursions A La Carte. We call it the Relaxation Retreat.

WORKSHOP:  We are excited to offer our guests a 2-part workshop this week called Intro To Ayurveda: A Nourishing Self-Care Workshop. This workshop includes 2 classes, but drop-ins for only one class are available. The price is $40 for both classes, or $25 for one. Please see below for more detailed information.

Guest Yoga Teacher Andrea Wingelaar

Andrea WingelaarAndrea Wingelaar began her yoga journey over 15 years ago as a way to balance what was at the time, a hectic touring and performing life.  Now as a certified instructor known for her purposeful sequencing that is both smart and fun, she still practices to support this crazy and beautiful life. Her yoga mat is her favorite place to be, seeing her through so many transitions and adventures.

With over 500 hours in trainings including studies that began in Ashtanga, and then expanded to Restorative and Yin, Andrea is most moved by her discovery of Prana Vinyasa Flow with her core teacher Shiva Rea. Off the mat her greatest passions are music and movement , which she translated into a performing career that has taken her across the globe. With a grounded education in opera and classical music studies her yoga training and teaching mirrors the same; a practice that is based in a solid foundation and respect for the roots of yoga complemented by “the improvisations of life”; yoga that is in rhythm with our own individual lives, the seasons, nature. Along with modern healing modalities that integrate breath and spirit as well as a strong respect for alignment and safety, this governed by her trust in her own intuition as guide has allowed for a teaching style that blurs the boundaries of technique and play. Her students have been as varied as performers, physicists, at risk youth, and with a very special place in her heart, newbies of all backgrounds. Yoga is there for all of us. Andrea feels blessed to have connected with so many through her love of yoga.

A Canadian girl at heart she currently makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her partner and love Ryan and their furry beast Seamus the golden retriever.


Andrea’s Teaching Philosophy

We can see with our eyes that that the world is changing in ways that it never has before. Everything is faster, more immediate, and more unpredictable than ever. But what we can see with our hearts is that love still wins the day, people can still be amazing to each other, the individual is powerful and that no matter what has happened in the past or is beyond our control in the present we can choose what it is that we focus on. Are you breathing? Then you can focus on that, and therefore you can do yoga. The rest is details…how deep do you want to go?

I am reminded daily, by my intuition, by my heart and once in words by my lovely teacher Shiva Rea is this: we are not machines. We are nature. Yoga is a return to our truest nature. We all have this, we are all yoga. Pretty darn perfect already. It is the ‘practice’ of yoga helps to remind us of and rediscover this.

I love how yoga feels. The stimulation of a more heating practice where we break down all that no longer serves us, the restoration of a regenerative practice when we become quiet and still, the contentment and joy can be found in either form. I teach with a solid foundation to build self trust and healthy routine but allow freedom to play with what ever is needed in the moment. I love to talk to my students, to hear what they need, what they yearn for. And then off we go!

Andrea Wingelaar yoga pose



Looking for a way to re-invigorate your self care routine?

Ayurveda is an ancient and timeless practice, the “science” of yoga. Intended to create health within the body, mind and spirit, Ayurveda addresses the main factors uniquely influencing each individual.

Through light hearted and fun self inquiry of our own lifestyle and dietary routines, we will cultivate a simple plan for well-being throughout the span of life. For instance: learn why the fall season isn’t necessarily the best time for most to do a full on juice cleanse (and learn when is )

The workshop consists of two classes that are 1.5 hours each, but you can attend only one class if you like. The workshop will include:

-An introduction to the Doshas and individual assessments of your personal Ayurvedic constitution

-Simple routines to restore/support health and integrate Ayurveda into our yoga practice

-Breathing exercises (Pranayama) for each constitution to improve overall balance, energy and vitality

-a one hour yoga practice to bring it all together

Price is $40 for both classes, or drop in is available for $25

A Message From Andrea